the best diet for 2013

The New Year is fast approaching and this is the time when millions of us get stressed out worrying about how we are going to lose those unwanted pounds.

working outYou have been procrastinating for months and the excitement of the New Year brings forth many new resolutions and commitments to finally lose weight.  But, this time of the year also brings confusion as we are bombarded with all kinds of new diets and making a decision on which one to use is not always easy.

However, before you get all wrapped up in the next big diet craze for 2013 or the fast selling book with all the latest tips, step back and do some of the things that you probably already know you should be doing.

Let’s just use a common sense diet that has worked for people that want to lose a few pounds to those that desire to lose several hundred.  Here are a few simple tips that you can use to help you drop pounds and inches in 2013.

1. Drink More Water

Yes, you’ve heard it before but it is very important. Without boring you with a bunch of stats, we gain a tremendous amount of unwanted weight just from drinking sugary products. Sodas, fruit juices, Starbucks coffees, and a host of other drinks outside of good old water quickly contribute to extra pounds and inches.  It takes a while to train your body to want water but it is one of the best things you can do if you want to lose weight.

2. Eat Less

That may sound silly to some readers but it won’t if you consider a few things. First of all, we are often conditioned to eat what we see in front of us. This is especially true for many Americans who were told as kids to finish the food that was put on their plates. That kind of conditioning carries over into adulthood and can easily cause you to overeat.  Needless to say, that is only one aspect of overeating but something that you should take note of on a daily basis.

Reduce your food portions starting now. If you are still hungry later, eat something else. However, don’t force feed your body more food than it really needs. Once your hunger is satisfied, stop eating and put the leftovers into the fridge. Over time, you may find that you go back to finish them less and less.

3. Eat Better

This is a biggie and super hard to do for many people. There are all kinds of reasons why we stop at a place like McDonald’s three or four times a week but there are no good excuses when it comes to your health.  Unfortunately, some of us wait until it’s too late to make the needed changes.  The bottom line is that fast food restaurants can ultimately destroy your quality of life.

The fact that you don’t have a lot of money and think it’s cheaper to eat there or that you don’t have to cook and it’s much faster are probably not good enough reasons when it comes to living longer.  Even if you do go to such places, they have other menu items that can be better for you than a triple cheeseburger.

It’s not easy to make these decisions but the main goal of this article is awareness and to get you thinking about the steps you need to take to lose weight in the coming year. It is virtually impossible to solve a problem without acknowledging it so just admitting that fast food is not always the best choice is the first step in making the right decisions later.

4. Get Moving

The dreaded exercise word is something that a large majority of us don’t want to hear. However, it is not always that bad.  If you have visions of doing 90 minute workouts while dripping with sweat like you see on the late night infomercials, that can discourage you super fast.

But, exercise can truly be fun and effective if you take the time to find something that you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s a sport or something that you can do a couple of times per week like dancing. The secret is to find something that your brain doesn’t immediately associate with hard labor and then make a firm decision to do it regularly for at least 90 days.

After that 90 days, evaluate where you are and continue the activity or find a new one that you can enjoy. There are hundreds of activities that burn substantial calories so you just need to be creative and come up with something that fits into your lifestyle.

5. Get Help

It is almost always harder when you attempt to lose weight on your own. There is a reason why you often see people working out in tandem.  A little bit of buddy support and go a long way in helping you to meet your weight loss goals.

It could be a spouse, friend, coworker, or paid professional. Either way, seek the advice and support of a second party and it will be easier to lose weight.

So, before you start chasing after all the new diets for 2013, think about the simple things that you can start doing and make them happen.  Losing weight starts with baby steps so the key is to get moving in the right direction. More importantly, never give up. Success is always possible if you just believe in yourself.