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Make your own delicious and healthy shakes for weight loss. If you think that shakes for weight loss are expensive and you aren’t confident in their ingredients, try to make them yourself. Homemade shakes for weight loss are some of the most popular supplements for weight loss, because everyone can do it with the right ingredients, a little ice and a blender. In fact, they can help you even more than other weight loss products that you can find in the stores. Continue reading

The glycemic index diet or GI diet is gaining a reputation as a healthy way to lose weight. While this is a way of eating rather than a diet, more people are following the GI diet in order to lose weight.

Many doctors agree that the GI diet, if followed correctly, can be a great way to lose weight, especially for those who struggle with conventional low calorie diets or who have trouble controlling their appetite.

The GI diet is similar to the low carbohydrates diet, but not so strict and is focused on specific carbohydrates. It is focused on the proper timing of the two basic types of meals – a carb and protein meal.

Scientific facts behind the timing and types of meal makes the GI diet a potential way to lose fat, in safely and relatively quick way.

GI diet is based on the control of blood sugar levels and insulin

Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels; in fact it lowers blood sugar levels by stimulating cells to absorb the excess sugar from the blood. The problem is that insulin causes fat cells to take up excess fatty acids from the blood. You often eat meals that consist of sugar and fat, so if the meal consists of foods with a high glycemic index then the fat from the meal can be easily stored on your hips.

There is an established theory, if one can control insulin levels – they can control how much fat the body will store from each meal. The fat can be stored only when insulin is present, and the insulin is released only when the blood sugar levels rise. Carbohydrates in food raise blood sugar if absorbed too rapidly. The types of food that cause rapid absorption of sugar are those with a high GI index.

Glycemic index

The glycemic index ranks foods by assigning them a number from 0 to 100. The number indicates the speed at which food raises blood glucose levels during its absorption. The higher the value, the quicker the sugar is absorbed. High GI foods has a value of 70 or more. GI value between 56 and 69 is considered moderate, and foods with a GI of less than 55 are considered a food with a low GI index.

Foods with a low glycemic index are the best because they are more easily digested and help provide a steady supply of energy over a period of several hours. They also make you feel fuller longer. One good example of a low glycemic index product is the WonderSlim Aspartame Free Pudding-Shakes. The best flavor is chocolate and they really do help to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.

Is the GI diet complicated?

The GI Diet sounds simple, because the food is generally chosen from a list of low GI, but it gets complicated when you are preparing a meal of several different ingredients. The idea is that most of the items which make up a meal have a low GI, so that the overall GI of the meal falls within the low to medium range.

Foods in the GI diet are divided into: red (which you must avoid, such as white bread, sausage or full-fat dairy products), yellow (which you can eat in the maintenance phase of weight, such as non-fat cheese, bananas, corn or beans from a can) and green (which are recommended, such as eggs, fish, chicken, low-fat milk and yogurt, apples, oranges, most vegetables or brown rice).

Benefits of GI diet:

  • You can enjoy the delicious food, and limit the storage of fat.
  • You can enjoy your favorite foods and lose weight with it.
  • Increased energy and feeling good.
  • Control of blood sugar levels.
  • Fewer feelings of hunger.
  • Fewer need for sweets.
  • Less feeling bloated after meals.
  • The ability to eat more if you want.
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and other diseases.
  • There are no strict caloric restrictions.

Have you tried the Yogurt Diet yet? Numerous studies have proven that diets with reduced calcium lead to faster weight gain because fat cells become larger. With the addition of low-fat yogurt to your daily diet, you accelerate weight loss and decrease the size of your stomach.

Scientists have proven if obese adults consume three meals with fat-free yogurt, they lose 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than people who not get enough calcium through nutrition. People who drink yogurt lose 81% more fat from their belly than people who don’t drink yogurt. Professor Michael Zemel, a nutritionist from the University of the State of Tennessee, says that this yogurt-diet is two times more efficient to maintain muscle mass, because when people follow a diet to lose weight they want to lose fat, not muscle tissue.

What Vitamins are in Yogurt?

Yogurt gives you plenty of protein and lots of vitamins B2, B12, calcium, zinc and other nutrients that are very hard to find in other types of food, especially all in one place. Vitamin B2 is necessary for proper cellular respiration and getting energy from carbohydrates, fats and some amino acids. Vitamin B12 is essential for the growth and development of cells. Yogurt is also very important in maintaining normal intestinal flora. (See our recent article on the Microbiome and your weight).

The caloric value of yogurt depends on the type of milk from which it was prepared. For example, 100 grams of whole milk yogurt has about 150 kcal (627kJ), while one produced by fermenting nonfat milk provides only 45 kcal (190 kJ). The addition of fruit and sugar increases the caloric value.

Light or full-fat yogurt?

10 mg of full-fat yogurt without any additives contains about 150 cal. Nutritionists unanimously confirm its nutritional value which has been known since antiquity. The difference between full-fat whole yogurt and light yogurt is in amount of fat and caloric value. Light yogurt is only recommended if you’re concerned about excessive fat in the blood or excessive thickness. Full-fat yogurt contains many vitamins, including vitamin D which plays important role in the binding of calcium in the body and its maintaining bone structure. Therefore, it is better for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly to give priority to full-fat yogurt. Light yogurt has about 45 cal. If you add fruit or sugar to light yogurt, caloric value rises to 80 cal.

A yogurt-diet needs at least 15-30 days to speed up weight loss. You will improve your digestion, immunity, protect yourself from candida, improve skin appearance and provide nutrients. You should daily eat about 500 grams of yogurt, 300 grams of fruit (citrus, apples, bananas, pomegranates…), 100 grams of meat (non-fat turkey or chicken) and 300 grams of vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, beans…).

The Yogurt-diet is simple, practical and applicable in daily life, especially for busy people who don’t have time to prepare a complex menu that requires most diet regime. The Yogurt-diet point is that the central daily meal (lunch) contains one non-fat yogurt combined with fruit, it may be a seasonal fruit or any other fruit of your choice, but definitely bananas which would saturate your body. The Yogurt-diet lasts for a month, but it can be used as a way to keep the weight off.


Dieters are always looking for the craziest diet fads to see what people are trying to do to lose weight. It is amazing what people actually come up with to do anything to shed pounds.

None of these “diets” have any scientific backing to them, so read for fun, not to gain any dieting advice!

5) The Cabbage Soup Diet

This is probably the diet your mom tried in the 70s to lose weight. By eating nothing but this cabbage soup, diet developers claimed you would drop pounds quickly.

The diet did work for some, for a few days, but the severe restriction of the diet left most craving and then binging when they couldn’t take it anymore.

4) The Banana Diet

A little more recent, the banana diet gained its popularity in Asia when a young celebrity stated she used the banana diet to lose weight. Similar to the cabbage soup diet, followers ate bananas…all the time.

Sticking with this theme of limiting diets to one food, there is also the Twinkie Diet, the Baby Food Diet, the Master Cleanse, and the Grapefruit Diet.

3) The Chewing Diet

The basis of quite a few eating disorders, this “diet” was suggested by nutritionist Hoarce Flethcher. The concept here is to chew your food until it is completely liquid and then spit it out. Ahhhh you will make the best impression on a first date! Continue reading

Are you interested in learning how to lose 20 pounds in an easy and safe way? Then you will not regret coming across this page. We provide you with answers to will help you achieve your weight loss in a healthy manner and promote happy and healthy living.

It may be simple to do this by just burning more calories than you eat. Some people have recommended creating a deficit of 500 calories in a day, which includes exercise and activity. This may yield a loss of about 2 pounds of fat in a week. Though, there are better ways of doing this without having to worry about the calories.

One of these ways is to check the amount of carbohydrates you eat daily. A lot of carbohydrates increase the levels of insulin in the blood because they are the micronutrients that cause the release of large amounts of insulin. On the other hand, insulin causes the body’s cells to store energy and prevent them from releasing the energy. This leads to increase in hunger and decrease in energy levels. Then it causes an increase in the amounts of food consumption contributing to gaining more weight. It is important to restrict the levels of carbohydrates and the best solution on how to lose 20 pounds faster will be staying at 100 grams per day.

It is also recommended that you minimize the amounts of added sugars, starchy vegetables and grains (including healthy whole grains). Since losing 20 pounds may not be that easy, especially if you expect to do so fast, you should consider minimizing the amount of fruits eaten, and 1-2 pieces a day will be enough.

Select foods that are rich in proteins, distributing them evenly throughout your meals to maximize fat loss and reduce muscle loss. Remember to include meals like meat, fish, white eggs, nuts, and some high fat dairy. It is critical to eat natural health products because they are better for a health lifestyle.

Another very important thing to do is to exercise. But how one does this is the problem. You will have to find activities that will get you moving more than you usually do. The best way to ensure that you are physically fit is to have thirty minutes exercise every day. You should consider walking, rollerblading, bicycling, and swimming. Even though this becomes very hard for some people to keep up with or even start, always have the attitude of yes you can within you. Remember; where there is a will, there is a way out. Start it little by little and you will make it.

When all these have been achieved, ensure that you have enough rest. Good sleep is important for general health and mental well-being. You will have higher chances of succeeding in losing your weight if you put rest into consideration. We hope this article will be of great help to you in educating you on how to lose 20 pounds.

This is a question I get asked a lot as someone who has lost 40 pounds in 50 days – “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?” The answer to this question is relatively simple and can be answered with a variety of daily needs calculators found all over the internet. The Self calculator is one of my favorites, but there is also the MyPyramid.gov way to go about it as well.

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

The simple and obvious answer is that you should take in less than you burn each day. (The calculators can help you figure this out). For my personal diet, I keep my daily intake below 1500 calories, but it is definitely different for every person. This is why using the calculators is so important. Don’t just try one, give a couple of them a try so that you can see if there are any differences. The JillianMichaels.com plan has a good personalized plan that you could try. Another thing that is important when considering your daily caloric intake is how much exercise or activity you are doing each day. You have to feed your body the right vitamins and minerals in order for it to operate properly.

Sometimes, people might try a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) to jump start their weight loss but it is not recommended for long term or for someone who only has a few pounds to lose. VLCDs are diets that are 800 calories or below per day. These types of diets used to have to be done with medical supervision but now they are available to just about anyone at an affordable price. The concern with VLCDs is that you will regain the weight back once you begin eating normally. Yes, this will happen if you revert to your old ways, but if you go through some behavior change while you are losing weight, you can work to keep this from happening.

Another way to jump start weight loss is through cleansing which is also very low calorie but meant to be done for short term, though some cleansing can last for months by experienced cleansers. I cleanse from time to time for a couple of days just to get myself back on track or whenever I need a boost. I like the Lemonade Diet Cleanse for this purpose.

Also remember it is not just about calories. You want to make sure you are giving your body what it needs. Do your research and know YOUR body. “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?” is ultimately a question that you and your doctor should discuss in order for you to determine which plan will work best for YOU.

There are hundreds of diets out there from low-carb to high fat diets to the much-rumored Jennifer Aniston baby food diet. According to her trainer Tracey Anderson, Jen has lost 7 lbs in a short week by just following a “baby pureed regimen.”

Very interesting, how can you get started on the you ask yourself?

How do I get started on the “Jennifer Aniston diet” ?

To get started on the baby food diet, you’ll need to replace all except one of your meals with baby food. During the day, when you feel that you’re starving, just finish a jar of baby food. The diet amounts to about only a thousand calories a day, and because of the pureed extract, it is very effective at providing nutritional value while shedding your additional weight. To ensure that the diet actually works, you should rely on ‘real’ baby food and not other household variants of it.

Is it really that healthy?

Although the diet might seem a bit barbaric, especially by the fact that grown adults are fulfilling their daily nutrition with chunks of baby food, the diet does seem to regulate one’s caloric intake very well.

Continue reading

I didn’t even know she was a celebrity dieting but I just learned Mandisa from American Idol lost 100 Pounds for her new album.  I learned about it on her YouTube channel where she has some great videos tracking her journey.

Mandisa joins Jennifer Hudson as being a big loser from American Idol recently. Jennifer lost her weight with Weight Watchers while Mandisa says a personal trainer and healthy eating helped her make her transition. She also likes going to Zumba!

Other factors of Mandisa’s diet include scripture (she lists these on her blog), healthy eating (whole grain, fruits and vegetables), exercise, and prayer.

Many celebrity diets rely on expensive personal trainers and chefs but even us regular folks can mimic these great results without that expense. Just use what you have. Friends, family, free community services. You might be surprised to see what you find out there.

Hopefully you can find some inspiration in Mandisa and her 100 pound celebrity weight loss!

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

If you have been wondering how those that are not the Biggest Loser Winners go home and keep losing all that weight, we now know the answer is the Biggest Loser Meal Plan. The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is now being offered through eDiets, the leader in fresh prepared meal delivery.



Biggest Loser Diet Success Stories

I always wondered what contestants were doing at home to keep dropping those big numbers! Adam lost 102 pounds at home and says “I saw a huge change in my weight loss. I have been replicating some of the numbers I had on the ranch. I saw the direct correlation immediately. It’s literally been the backbone to my success!” The shocking thing with the plan is that Adam did this in 19 weeks.

Another Biggest Loser Winner, Patrick, lost 60 pounds with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan after he went home. “I don’t have to stare at my cabinets trying to figure out what to eat. I don’t have to weigh food or measure. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s awesome and I know exactly the nutrition that I’m putting into my body.”Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

With the Biggest Loser diet, you can choose the 5 or 7 day plan and you get to choose the meals you prefer either online or over the phone. You also get access to:

  • Unlimited support from registered dietitians via phone, email or online chat
  • Easy-to-use online nutrition tracker
  • Tools to help you track your weight-loss progress and live a healthy lifestyle

Right now you can start the Biggest Loser Meal plan and get a week free using this link :

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Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

I have lost 40 pounds in 50 days using Diet Direct Wonderslim protein shakes so I think that makes me qualified to do a Diet Direct Shake Review. I decided that I needed to lose weight and started looking around on the Internet for something affordable, quick, and healthy. After checking out Medifast, New Lifestyle Diet, and Slim Fast, I finally decided on Diet Direct Wonderslim Protein Shakes. Primarily it was the cost for what I received that convinced me to give them a try. It was literally half of what I was spending on groceries, eating out, etc while some of the other plans involved more of an investment. So, money wins in this case.

After completing a short two day cleanse to jump start my weight loss efforts and start fresh, I began using the Diet Direct shakes. I had two-three shakes each day, usually breakfast and lunch, but sometimes breakfast and dinner, depending on my schedule for that day. I have tried other shakes previously and I have to say that these were BY FAR, the best tasting shakes I have ever had. I didn’t use a blender or have to add anything to them (like ice) to make them halfway enjoyable. The weight loss kit came with a shaker blender and it worked great getting the shake nice and thick and frothy. I like the chocolate the best, but I also love the berry yogurt and the chocomint which I admit I do like to freeze up a bit because it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The whey protein kept me feeling full and satisfied so doing the two-three shakes per day was easy. I did have one lean and green meal each day which usually consisted of chicken and broccoli or spinach or a giant salad.

The best thing about Diet Direct is that when you place an order, they send you free samples to try other products! I love this! A packet of this, a bar of that, and you have found a new treat!

This led to me ordering the Wonderslim protein bars for whenever I needed something more (a snacky poo!) and here is my warning…these are TOO good. The peanut butter bar is the BEST though my boyfriend likes the brownie bar and Rocky Road. You have to be careful with these because you should just have ONE and it might be hard for some people to stop at one. But they do fill me up when I am on the go and maybe don’t have time to make the shake. They definitely don’t taste like diet bars at all!

So for our Diet Direct Shake Review,  BurnFatClub highly recommends them as they are delicious, the most affordable we have seen online and easy! Use the this link to Save 50% On Weight Loss Starter Kits – DietDirect.com