Shedding for the Wedding

By now you have probably seen that Sara Rue has lost quite a bit of weight and she has been picked up to host “Shedding for the Wedding“. This new reality series, which doesn’t have a start date yet but they have started casting, will feature 20 couples all living in one house. Each week they are weighed in as a team to see who has lost the most and the least with the lowest having to leave the house. So what does the last remaining couple get? A free wedding!

Sara is a great choice for the hostess because obviously she knows a thing or two about dropping pounds after losing 50 pounds on Jenny Craig, one of the more popular celebrity diets lately. Through her celebrity weight loss, she first thought she would only lose 30 pounds, then upped the ante to 40 pounds and finally weighed in having lost 50 pounds. She also was only running about a minute when she first started and now can run for two hours without stopping. That’s a great accomplishment!

However, Sara recently stated that she will never be a skinny girl. Uh, newsflash! You are pretty skinny there Sara (picture is after just 40 pounds) so look around outside of Hollyweird and get a gander at how some normal folk look.

BurnFatClub will definitely be looking at the new reality show Shedding for the Wedding with Sara Rue and rooting for the couples to work hard to reach their goals. Stay tuned! In the meantime, get started with your own weight loss plan.