Dependence on food is a serious disease that many do not recognize. Eating in secrecy and guilt after eating meals are a few of the first symptoms of food addiction. It is usually caused by carbohydrates because they release serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

The need for food even though you’re not hungry or eating because of emotions are signs of ¬†food addiction, according to a survey of American Dietetic Association. Continue reading

Brian Fugere, who has synovial sarcoma of the lung, has run a marathon with his IV pole during chemo. I think this one just about takes the cake on the inspirational scale doesn’t it? Sure it took him over 7 hours but since this marathon, he has also done an ultimate marathon, 100 miles, in less than 24 hours! Plus he has raised tons of money for cancer research.

If you haven’t seen this very inspirational story yet, check it out here on CNN. I like the reference to LiveStrong and the idea of keeping moving no matter what. You don’t have to take it lying down. Brian Fugere is a perfect example of that.