Everyone should know by now what a hug fan of MMA I am, so I was happy to watch Brookins beat Johnson in the Ultimate Fighter Finale last night. In doing so, I noticed once again another analogy to hard work and patience to reach your goals.

Johnson came out swinging and hit Brookins with several shots and while Brookins looked a bit concerned, I knew he was going to recover and do his thing. Johnson seemed like he was breathing heavy by the end of the first round. For round two, Brookins got Johnson down on the ground and it seemed like he didn’t let him up again until the final bell. When the judge’s made their decision, it was clear Brookins had won the fight with his sheer persistence to keep Johnson down on the ground. With GSP (Georges St. Pierre) having been his coach all season, I could see that Brookins had listened to his coach. I was surprised that Joe Rogan didn’t mention it during the commentary.

During the pre-fight interviews, they showed Brookins’ training camp and it seemed pretty intense. Not a moment was wasted and his focus just seemed more intense than Johnson’s. He said he wanted to show his little brother that you could do anything with hard work and he KNEW he would win Ultimate Fighter. He believed so much that I believed it too when some said Johnson’s power would take him out in round one.

So whatever your goals are, Weight Loss, Muscle Building, to be the top MMA fighter in next season’s Ultimate Fighter Finale, take a note from Brookins and remember it is not the sprinter that wins the marathon.

Yes, GSP dancing is definitely something we all want to see, right? Well recently, GSP (Georges St. Pierre) appeared on “Showtime” a hit show in the Philippines where he showed us some of his moves. The show seems kind of crazy and apparently everyone who comes on has to sing and dance. Georges played along (such a good sport in and out of the ring) and while he seemed a bit embarrassed, he did his little thing.

Check out the GSP Dancing video and then get some new Affliction thermal wear to show your support of GSP and MMA!

Be still my beating heart, two of the hottest and two of my favorite people Jillian Michaels and GSP (Georges St. Pierre) are working on a project together. Jillian tweeted about it and also posted pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, she feels the same way I do and tweeted that she didn’t know if she wanted to spar with him or kiss him. She is a total bad ass goddess and he is just the epitome of doing what it takes to be the best.

Looks like some sort of P90X type thing they will be promoting or maybe a photo shoot for that product hanging from the door. Can you imagine? Jillian AND GSP working you out??? If that doesn’t motivate your ass than I don’t know what would. Get started now by signing up for Jillian’s plan so you can be up to date on what is coming. Jillian Michaels and GSP, we anxiously await whatever you have for us.

September 15, 2010 will mark the debut of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 1 on Spike TV. The show has prospered since its initial season in 2005, and is back yet again for the twelfth time to fill audience’s appetites for mixed marital arts.

Tryouts for the show were held in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 1, 2010. Any Lightweight or light heavyweight fighters over the age of 21 with at least 3 professional fights were invited to come and try out. It was confirmed recently, however, that this season will only feature lightweight fighters.

Like usual, the season will feature 28 competitors. Some of the confirmed contestants for The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 1 are Nam Phan, Mike Richmand, and Jonathan Brookins. Season 11’s epic coaching match-up of Team Liddell and Team Ortiz will be rivaled this season as Team GSP takes on Team Koscheck.

Josh Koscheck, who was given the chance to coach after defeating Paul Daley at UFC 113, will look to lead his team to victory over Team GSP, who is led by the current welterweight title holder coach Georges St-Pierre (GSP).

When Will the St.Pierre Koscheck Fight Take Place?

The coaching staffs this season have a unique connection this time around; Kosheck is scheduled to fight Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title some time later this year. The rumored date so far has been December 4 in Las Vegas.

The two definitely are not new to each other, as they fought back in August 2007 at UFC 74, where St-Pierre took home the victory with an unanimous decision. It’s pretty easy to assume that this connection between the two coaches¬† will provide for some quality episodes.

Just like previous seasons, the fighters featured in the show will be competing for a six-figure contract with the UFC. The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 1 will go the same route as season 11, with 28 fighters fighting to earn 14 spots (along with two wildcards) in the house. Be sure to tune in to Spike on September 15 to catch the season premier!

In a new interview just released, Georges St. Pierre, the MMA Ultimate Fighter Coach, reveals some interesting details about his training and his upcoming fight with Josh Koscheck.

Definitely take a look at it and get some insight into why I think this guy is the epitome of hard work and focus. This is what it takes to be truly great. I have pictures of him on a wall in my bathroom, as a reminder. I think to myself, “Today, GSP is getting it done.” What am I doing?

Also, I love the part about taking the high road. When it is all said and done, this is what it is really about.

Georges St. Pierre, can’t wait to watch you coach MMA on Ultimate Fighter. It will be a huge boost to my weight loss and fat burning I am sure.