Losing It With Jillian

Jillian MichaelsOn this week’s Losing It With Jillian episode 4 – June 22, The Northern Family and some southern cooking in Goodlettsville, TN get a big ole visit from Jillian! Patrick, the daddy and Kim, the mommy are surprised by Jillian during a dinner of some southern fried foods! Patrick says “Tell her I’m not here.” Always joking and carrying on, Patrick definitely brings the fun to this Losing It With Jillian episode. But there is quite a serious side too.

Losing It With Jillian Episode 4 Recap

A year ago, Patrick lost his job, lost his confidence and parked it on the couch. Soon the whole family was right there with him, with Kim being the main breadwinner of the family and feeling the stress. Pounds started to pack on and before you know it, looming health issues are peeking around the corner.

Jillian has a hard time yelling at Patrick because he is just too cute and funny. But she eventually gets into the normal, screaming Jillian we all know and love and the family starts getting with the program. A trip to the rollerskating rinks brings some more laughs.

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