Lose 100 Pounds

There is a great weight loss success story on the web today entitled “How I Lost 103 Pounds” that was written by Abigail Cuffey about Joyce Anderson from Richmond, KY. Joyce is 41 years old and was successful in losing over 100 pounds–103 to be exact.

joyce anderson lost 103 pounds

Joyce Anderson "How I Lost 103 Pounds"

If you check out her story, you will notice many lessons that could be used in your own quest to lose weight and finally get off the never ending diet wheel.

Here are a few of those lessons…

1. Resolve Binge Eating

Joyce started binge eating at the age of 13 and after the death of her grandfather.  It is probably hard for the average 13 year old to recognize binge eating, yet alone do anything to stop it, but this article is written more for adults who probably understand if they are binging.

The key here is to recognize if you are using food for comfort and ask yourself “why” you are doing it.  It is very similar to someone who turns to alcohol or some drug for a little relief except that it’s food. Ultimately, you will have to address the primary issue that is causing you the discomfort in order to eventually scale back on your overeating.

Clearly, it is more difficult than it sounds but the first step is in being able to recognize if you use binge eating for comfort and follow that up with getting help to resolve the main problem.

2. Know What You Eat

Joyce described that her big jumpstart came when she began to look for weight loss plans online and came across SparkPeople.com which helped her begin to log what she ate.

If you know anything about having financial problems, one of the fastest ways to get into trouble is to not know how much money you make and spend each month. Eventually, you will end up in a giant hole. The same thing applies to eating and more specifically how many calories you eat daily.

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