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The Dancing With the Stars 2011 season has just ended and it has been a season of thrills, spills, pain and pleasure with Hines Ward and Kim Johnson taking the top prize.  It didn’t start out that way when the new line-up of stars was announced, the cast seemed somewhat underwhelming though all the usual fields were covered. However, we did know that Kristie Alley wanted to shed some pounds and she sure did. But did you know that Kim Johnson has also been promoting a Lemonade Diet pill to lose weight? She certainly looks trimmer than previous seasons!

Dancing With the Stars 2011 Cast

There were the sports stars with wrestler Chris Jericho paired with Cheryl Burke, boxer Sugar Ray Lenorad and his partner Anna Trebunskaya and Football player Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson.

Both Radio and Television Talk shows were represented by Mike Cathwood being paired with Lacy Schwimmer and Wendy Willams set to dance with Tony Dovaloni.  The ever present models were represented by Petra Nemcova dancing with Demetri Chaplain, and Play Boy bunny Kendra Wilkinson matched with Louie Van Amstrel.  Rapper Romeo finally made an appearance paired with Chelsie Hightower and the ever present Disney star this season was Chelsea Cane who danced with Mark Ballas.

Of course no dancing stars program would be the same without the older movie and television stars and this season we would see the Karate Kid Ralph Macchio take on a whole new role and the 61 year old Kristie Alley who stated she wanted to dance some excess weight off.

However, by the end of the second show, what looked to be a lack luster cast was already surprising many viewers with Ralph Macchio taking an early lead and Kristie Alley showing that being overweight and over 40 didn’t mean she still didn’t have some smooth moves. Even the sports figures started out strong with Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson lighting up the dance floor.

Of course there were a few bad dances right from the start with neither Mike Cathwood’s charming smile nor his partner Lacy Schwimmers upbeat moves being able to overcome the radio hosts two left feet. And Wendy Williams may be able to talk up a storm but, her dancing left her to be the second one cut from the line-up in week three.

While the leader board changed almost weekly right from the beginning it was clear to see that Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas, and Hines Ward and Kym Johnson were clearly the teams to watch.  While Kristie alley and Ralph Macchio never failed to show that they still had what it took week after week.

There were few surprises in those who went home with Sugar Ray losing out in week 4, Followed by the super sweet model Petra, then Chris Jericho, followed by Kendra Willinson in week 7.  Week 8 was somewhat a surprise when Romeo was eliminated as an injury to Ralph Macchios ACL left him in last place and rapidly losing ground.  However, after week 9 the three remaining teams were Kristie and Maks, Chelsea and Mark, and Hines and Kym Johnson despite a serious neck injury that she was still wearing a neck brace during rehearsals in the finals.

The finals started out with a neck and neck contest between Chelsea and Hines both tying with 59 points out of 60 paying tribute to the talent of their partners Mark Ballas and Kym Johnson who really stepped up the choreography. But, it was really Kristie Alley and Maks who won the hearts of the audience with their tenacity showing they couldn’t be counted out of the competition.  When all was said and done it was Hines Ward and Kim Johnson (who looked super hot and is a spokesperson for THIS lemonade diet) who took home the mirror ball trophy with Kristie Alley and her partner earning second place and Chelsea Kane coming in third. Kirstie Alley did win the weight loss prize though as her sexy curves were looking HOT for the last show. It all boiled down to the final audience vote and thus ended the closest competition ever to be held on Dancing With the Stars 2011.

The Kim Johnson Diet has been lighting up the Internet since she and Hines Ward have been lighting up the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). It is actually Kym Johnson with a “Y” but it seems no one is catching on to the correct spelling of her name lately. But the Kim Johnson lemonade diet or master cleanse diet pill  is definitely catching on!

Kim Johnson Diet

Kym started to use the lemonade diet pill over a year ago. It is very similar to the Beyonce lemonade diet or master cleanse diet except with the pill, you don’t have to drink all those glasses of lemonade that Beyonce had to go through. Instead, the Kim Johnson lemonade diet puts all of the ingredients, lemonade, cayenne pepper, grade B maple syrup into an easy to take pill. Also, you get to eat some healthy vegetables so you aren’t starving yourself like Beyonce did. For the lemonade diet pill, the proof is in it’s endorser, Kim Johnson. Kim says she started to use it to keep lean and trim and seeing her on DWTS with Hines looking smoking hot shows that this stuff works.

The Kim Johnson diet, I hope that she continues to win with Hines so we can enjoy the view on TV for a bit longer!

Tune in right here Monday night (May 9, 2011) for all of the DWTS Episode 8 after show talk with HineKym fans! Foxtrot and Jive are on the ticket and we know they are going to nail it with Kym’s hot body and the Hines sexy, sweet smile.

Update: Full Season Dancing With the Stars Kim Johnson Recap Here!

Those judges better watch out! All of those terrible towels in the audience will attack if they feel that their Steeler gets robbed of what he is due, which is total victory and nothing less. I think the foxtrot and Jive definitely fit Hines personality and Kym, as usual, will be Smokin’ in some hot number!

In the meantime, see what Kym Johnson promotes for her keeping her figure lean and trim…the Kym Johnson lemonade diet plan!

DWTS Episode 8 RECAP

According to ABC.com, here is what went down.

Hines & Kim It’s good, cheesy fun as Hines and Kym skip through their fabulous Foxtrot. Bruno says the team was beaming throughout the dance. Carrie Ann thinks Hines is a guy’s guy and doesn’t try to hide it. Len agrees that it’s a joyful experience to watch them dance. 9-9-10 from the judges gives them a total of 28. As usual, Hines is all smiles after this one.

Hines had never done the Jive, let alone an Instant Jive to “Chantilly Lace.” Bruno says that despite the happy feet he had on display, Hines did a fine job with just 20 minutes prep time. Carrie Ann and Len know the Jive is a tough routine. They both feel Hines and Kym did the dance justice. 9-9-8 from the judges gives them a total of 26 for this dance and 54 for the night.”

All of the attention Kim Johnson has been getting with Hines surely has the Internet buzzing about her lemonade diet pill she promotes. Tune in Tuesday night to see who gets sent home!

It’s official, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson (Yes, Kym Johnson with a Y, not Kim Johnson) will be paired on Dancing With the Stars this season. Hopefully, they will have a better showing than Kym’s last season first round cut with David Hasselhoff. I think Hines will be more of a fan favorite and hopefully his athleticism will shine through!

Kym has been in the spotlight on DWTS when she won with Donny Osmond in Season 9. She also won the Australian version of the show before coming to the American version. She was a fan favorite with Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone, and has been runner up several seasons as well. Let’s hope last season, she got to rest and now she is ready to get her groove on again. One thing for sure, she still looks great! Kym Johnson uses the Lemonade Diet Cleanse to keep her dancer’s figure and it is definitely working for her. It is different from the Beyonce lemonade master cleanse in that it is a lemonade pill you take so you don’t have to drink all of those glasses of lemonade.

Hines Ward, the Super Bowl MVP, should definitely be one to watch on the show. We’ll see if his footwork off the field comes close to his footwork on the field.

Here’s to wishing Hines Ward and Kym Johnson the best of luck on Dancing With the Stars!

David Hasselhoff, “The Hoff” and Kym Johnson who has partnered with Donny Osmond, Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone will pair off on this season’s Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).

Update: See Kim Johnson with Hines Ward!

Have you seen the Kym Johnson diet plan?




The Hoff has seen a rise in popularity since appearing on America’s Got Talent and has a kitschy following from his days as the Knight Rider. The beautiful Kim Johnson and the very tall Hasselhoff should make a great pair. She always looks extra lean and tall when paired with a taller guy like in the pic.

Other “celebs” to appear  DWTS this season are Kurt Warner, “The Situation” from Jersey Shore, Rick Fox, Bristol Palin, Florence Henderson, Margaret Cho, Jennifer Gray from Dirty Dancing and Michael Bolton.

Looking forward to seeing Kym Johnson and David Hasselhoff strut their stuff though. As last season’s winner, Kym has a reputation to keep. Did you know she uses the lemonade diet pill to stay trim and healthy? Check it out here.


Have you heard of the Master Cleanse Pill? No? How about the Lemonade Fasting Diet? If you haven’t heard of either, I’ll put it into a simple, single sentence. If you want to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins and lose weight while you’re at it, then this is the way to go.

The Lemonade Fasting Diet focuses on the consumer drinking nothing but a special mixture of ingredients that are proven to  help cleanse the body and provide the body’s digestive and excretory system with a fresh start. Many people are unable to putout the extreme dedication that is required to partake in the Lemonade Fasting Diet however, so they turn to the Master Cleanse Pill, which is the lemonade diet, but in pill form.

Mixing pitcher after pitcher of lemonade is very tedious. The Master Cleanse Pill provides convenience and most important of all, performance. Just like the lemonade diet, the pill provides a flush for your body’s organ systems to virtually start over from scratch. Whether it’s relieving cravings, losing weight, or detoxification, the Master Cleanse Pill is the way to go.

Who Uses the Master Cleanse Pill and Lemonade Fasting Diet?

There IS a reason why famous celebrities such as Liv Tyler, Robin from the Howard Stern show, and even Beyonce use this cleansing method. It gives results, and results are what we are after with a dieting program. Kym Johnson from Dancing With the Stars chooses to use the pill form of the cleanse to stay trim and healthy. However, you cannot expect to simply take one pill whenever you feel like it, that will NOT work. You must stick to the routine in order for the benefits to arrive.

Probably the most appealing aspect of the Master Cleanse Pill is that you are allowed to eat solid food while you are on the program. When I say solid food, I don’t mean three double cheeseburgers from your favorite fast food joint. You must eat healthy. Not only will you be detoxing your system and losing weight, but you will also be a much healthier individual overall. And who doesn’t want to have a healthy body? The Master Cleanse Pill is the way to go if you are serious about seeing results in a convenient pill package.

The Demi Moore cleanse that she and Ashton Kutcher are doing is called the Master Cleanse. This diet has been around for over 60 years and celebrities often use it to lose weight or get toned up for the red carpet or specific movie roles. If you remember Beyonce on Oprah talking about dropping weight for her role in Dreamgirls, you will remember that she also did a version of the Master Cleanse.

So far, Demi and Ashton are doing pretty good. They posted on their Twitter accounts that they were going for a walk with the dogs and that day 2 was easier than day 1. However, Ashton did want a “steak, beer and a Blow Pop” yesterday. Poor guy. The Master Cleanse is quite strict but you definitely can lose weight from doing it. So how does it work?

The Master Cleanse lemonade recipe for the Demi Moore diet is:

  • 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon Juice (about 1/2 a Lemon) FRESH SQUEEZED!
  • 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup (kind of expensive but DON’T substitute!)
  • 1/10 Teaspoon Cayenne pepper (powder)
  • Ten oz of filtered water

You should drink at least 8 glasses of this per day (8 oz glasses) but you can drink more. No food is consumed while doing the Master Cleanse. In addition to the lemonade drink, you should also use a natural laxative which could be either a salt water flush, or a caffeine free tea laxative. The whole point of the Master Cleanse is to clean out the system and detoxify the body. The side result of this tends to be great amounts of weight loss. Ah Demi Moore – Cleanse and get even MORE gorgeous? She is already smokin’ hot but Iguess everyone needs to tone up here and there.

Most people stick with just doing the cleanse for 10 days but some people have done 30 or even 40 days. If you are just doing the lemonade cleanse for the first time, you should not go for longer than 10 days. Then you can ease into a light, healthful eating plan for about week and try the cleanse again. Basically, you should work your way up to doing the cleanse for longer periods of time, not just jump into not eating for 30 days if you have never done it before. Some report losing up to 22 pounds in 10 days and another lady on YouTube lost over 30 pounds doing it for 40 days. Basically, you lose the most right in the beginning, but then it slows down. Also, people tend to gain back a lot because when they are finished, they don’t come of it  properly, end up binging like crazy and pack on the pounds.

What Are the Side Effects of the Demi Moore Cleanse she is doing?

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There is some false information being spread out there in Internet land that Beyonce used the lemonade diet pill to lose weight…but Beyonce did NOT use the lemonade diet pill. She used a version of the original Master Cleanse to drop pounds for her role in Dreamgirls, but the lemonade diet pill is different.

There are a lot of versions of the Master Cleanse because it is so daggone old (over 60 years) that people have had a lot of time to “tweak” it. So this has resulted in a lot of confusion about celebrities such as Liv Tyler and Robin Quivers (Howard Stern show) and what specific version of the cleanse they used to lose weight. Some people are even referring to it as the Beyonce cleanse, Beyonce diet or Beyonce lemonade diet.

What is the difference between the original Master Cleanse and the lemonade diet pill?

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The beautiful Kym Johnson from Dancing With the Stars has lemonade diet success. Kym says that the new lemonade diet pill helps her to stay healthy and trim. We all know how gorgeous those dancer bodies are, and what it must take to keep them looking so lean and cut. The Lemonade Diet Pill is a new formulation of the Master cleanse diet where you take a pill instead of drinking all of those glasses of lemonade each day. But what is the Master Cleanse and why did the lemonade diet pill seek to make it a little easier and more accessible for everyone to use?

How to Have Lemonade Diet Success

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The lemonade diet in pill form is a brand new spin on the old favorite. Most people already know about the Master Cleanse diet if they have ever tried to lose weight in their lifetimes. It has been around for decades and is a proven winner if you have the burning desire to drop pounds fast.

Also known as the “lemonade diet” in many circles, it was used successfully by millions of individuals that needed a way to lose weight fast. There are even many famous hollywood stars that selected the Master Cleanse when they needed quick results. People like Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern show and the singer/actress Beyonce’ are two of many that have documented their use of this cleanse.

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