Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes’ Weight Loss does have some people worried that she is taking it too far. Fitness has a unique way of changing people’s lives, whether it makes them feel reassured about themselves, or just gives them that ‘I feel good’ feeling. Leann Rimes is an example of a celebrity who felt ‘not-so-celebrity’ about herself because of how fat she thought she was, and ultimately because of how conscious she felt because of that. Although she never let critics get to her, she did realize that she had to change her health lifestyle and lose some weight. Working with a partner (her husband), she came to change her physique and lose a ton of fat, making a great transformation that most people are too lazy to endure.

Her diet consists of a vital tool that most people forget in theirs: not eating crap! It’s often the most overlooked part of a diet, but most people either forgo or forget it, continuing to eat junk food and drink high sugar juices with high caloric intake that provide very little nutritious value (instead try Mango). It may seem obvious, but this is very counter-productive and should be avoided at all costs. For some celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, they opted for cleansing which cut out anything bad for them.


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