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Be still my beating heart, two of the hottest and two of my favorite people Jillian Michaels and GSP (Georges St. Pierre) are working on a project together. Jillian tweeted about it and also posted pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, she feels the same way I do and tweeted that she didn’t know if she wanted to spar with him or kiss him. She is a total bad ass goddess and he is just the epitome of doing what it takes to be the best.

Looks like some sort of P90X type thing they will be promoting or maybe a photo shoot for that product hanging from the door. Can you imagine? Jillian AND GSP working you out??? If that doesn’t motivate your ass than I don’t know what would. Get started now by signing up for Jillian’s plan so you can be up to date on what is coming. Jillian Michaels and GSP, we anxiously await whatever you have for us.

This week, the Biggest Loser season 10 episode 2 weigh-in will be during the first hour of the show, so be sure not to miss it. With the line up of contestants from the new format last week, it should be very interesting to see which sob stories get to stay on the ranch. I swear, everyone I know was crying their eyes out over the season premiere! Of course Biggest Loser Jillian and Bob are back with a bang, ready to rough up some folks.

The best part about Biggest Loser is seeing the quick results which can be very motivating. But remember what these people are doing. They are not living in a real world and getting these results. However, for the average person, it is good to identify with one of the contestants and see their end result. Knowing you can get there too, even if it takes a little longer (and probably healthier that it does), can keep you going.

I like using Jillian Michael's website. It gives me a personalized plan I can use to get the effects I see on the show.

If you missed it, you can watch the full first episode here. I just got done playing the new games on the Biggest Loser website, and my advice is don't waste your time. They are from a third party, very boring and not informative. But I did like the guess the calories game. Those are always fun and can be pretty eye-opening as to how much you are actually taking in. 

Ok so back to the show. This week, tune in Tuesday night at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. Who will stay, who will go, who will Jillian make cry? Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 2, and come back to BurnFatClub.com for the full recap after the show!

The Biggest Loser bodybugg ®

The Jillian Body Bug (Bodybugg) was featured again on the Losing It With Jillian season finale last night. It was also used by all of the contestants on the Biggest Loser. I love this thing and I can’t wait to get one.

Basically the whole concept is it tracks calories in versus calories out. Have you been telling people forever that you don’t eat a lot and still can’t lose weight? Well now you can see the numbers in black and white and determine where the issue is.

The Jillian Body Bug (Bodybugg) tracks what you eat and then also what your activity level is. Say you consume 2200 calories a day and only burn 100 through your activity level. That would probably put you on a path of gaining weight depending on your current body size. Then you can adjust the levels either by reducing what you eat (your caloric intake) or increasing your activity.

I think it would be great to know exactly where you are at each moment so when you are at dinner and wondering about that piece of dessert, you can check the Jillian Body Bug first!

Here is some more information from the NBC store on the Jillian Body Bug.

The Biggest Loser bodybugg ® The Biggest Loser bodybugg ®

bodybugg® calorie management system + 12 months web subscription* – Featured on NBC’s “THE BIGGEST LOSER”, and the syndicated TV show “The Doctors”. – Reviewed in the New York Times, The New York Post and The Houston Chronicle. The revolutionary new bodybugg® makes it easy to manage the calories you consume and burn so you always stay in control of your weight. Get started with a personal phone coach. Then manage your results daily on our user-friendly web based nutrition program. As reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2008 edition, the bodybugg® armband achieved average accuracy rates of 90% in studies comparing calorie expenditure measurements from the bodybugg® device to calorie expenditure measurements in a metabolic chamber (the “gold standard” of calorie expenditure measurement). it’s easy – monitor how much you exercise, manage how many calories you eat, then track if you are burning more calories that you are consuming it’s flexible – eat what you want, when you want, workout on your own terms it’s customized – your program is based on your age, weight, height and personal goals it’s personalized – start with a phone coach session with your personal phone coach * View your progress with a 12-month subscription to the web based nutrition program / personal calorie management system, included with the initial purchase of the new bodybugg®. Online subscription renewal fees are: $9.95 for month to month, $49.95 for 6 month and $79.95 for 12 month. The bodybugg® – a state-of-the-art calorie management system that’s helping people across the nation lose weight and stay in control of their weight loss. This item is only available for purchase and shipment in the USA. For bodybugg® technical support, please call 866-314-9423. For bodybugg® customer service support, please call 1-800- 656-2739, select Option 3.

The Jillian Body Bug along with a membership at JillianMichaels.com is the best way to have Losing It With Jillian come to your house!

BODYBUGG system NOW $199

On the season finale of Losing It With Jillian Episode 8 , Alvarez Family July 20, Jillian travels to Miami and gets the family to get serious for their health. I am so sad the season is over! In this episode, this family is in dire straights and as usual, Jillian recommends her plan at JillianMichaels.com for their exercise and diet needs.

The most heart wrenching story of the family is David Jr who is 9 years old and has to check his levels for pre-diabetes. This is due to him following in his Dad’s, David Sr’s, footsteps.

David Sr had a sleep apnea test 3 years ago and was given a mask to wear while he slept because he would actually stop breathing in the night. He threw the mask out though and didn’t make any changes for his health. Now he has some of the highest “know your body” numbers ever! His sleep score was 64 and apparently, anything over 35 is seriously dangerous.

The doctor on the set says to Jillian that David Sr cannot go beyond a heart rate of 140 BPM while he is exercising so that limits the amount that she is able to push him. Instead, she focuses on Carmen, the wife, to show David that he needs to get behind his wife’s efforts of trying to make the family healthy. Carmen is furious because David just accuses her of nagging whenever she brings up his weight and the fact that he is so close to death.

The next day, there is a family dinner. The grandparents come over with fried bread in syrup and sugar, fatty pork, white rice and yucca dripping in oil. They say that is what they have always eaten and Jillian basically gives a repeat of the Yavapai-Apache Indian Reservation speech from a previous week. They say “Family is everything to us” and Jillian responds “How would you feel if you had to bury your song?” Everyone gets behind the diet and exercise plan and they immediately start throwing away food from the kitchen…8 grocery bags worth!

Things Jillian said were off limits in the kitchen were croutons, hydrogenated oil (was in their peanut butter), trans fat, and MSG. All they had left for dinner was beans and salad so it was pretty shocking for them.

Jillian takes David Jr. to a karate gym which was really nice because that is the sport that helped Jillian go from an overweight teen to what she is today. Then for his birthday, she gives him a ton of karate gear and he is super excited to get started.

At the gym again, Jillian tries to get Carmen to find her inner bad ass and offers her one end of a towel. Jillian plays the role of David Sr and tells Carmen to get me across this floor. Carmen pulls and yells and screams and figures out how she is going to tell David what she needs to. Jillian, Carmen and David all take a boat ride out into the ocean (so David can’t escape) and Carmen gets it offer her chest. Things finally seem to sink in for David. That night, he shows David Jr. his sleep mask and tells him that it is going to save his life and how he never wants him to go through what he is going through.

What is the Body Bug or BodyBugg Jillian talks about?

One more family bonding exercise on the beach…Jillian puts David Sr. in a boat on the beach and the family has to pull him across the sand. The Biggest Loser bodybugg ®David Jr. goes from “I can’t” to doing his karate screams to get the job done. The Biggest Loser bodybugg ® (also referred to as the Buddy Bug, or Losing It with Jillian Body Bug) was featured in this segment as a great way to track your calories in vs. calories out.  Read more about the BodyBugg at the end of this post.

Losing It With Jillian Results

The results were pretty impressive for this group. Carmen lost 25 pounds and 4 dress sizes. Her legs were Awesome! David Jr was SOOO cute losing 25 pounds himself and he no longer has to check his levels for diabetes! David Sr came out looking quite snazzy having lost 54 pounds and getting completely off BP medications. His next goal is to lose the sleep mask. After Jillian had left him 6 weeks earlier, the doctors raised his Heart rate BPM up from 140 so Jillian said she owed him a real workout.

I am sad that the season is over for Losing It With Jillian Episode 8 , Alvarez family finale was a great ending! Remember to visit JillianMichaels.com to keep your own motivation going until the show starts up again! It really does work and at just $4 per week, easily replaces the cost of that fast food you wont be eating anymore!

We know from Losing It With Jillian that Jillian’s healthy brownies recipe is featured in her new cookbook called Master Your Metabolism. But what else is in there?

Here are a few “appeteasers” from Master Your Metabolism to wet your palette. Any of these other recipes sound good to you?

Recipe: Steel-cut oats with apples and pecans

Recipe: Baby spinach with avocado, pomegrante and sunflower seeds

Recipe: Chicken satay with almond sauce

Recipe: Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce

Recipe: Pear sorbet

This is one cookbook that I know is going to be well-worn in my kitchen.

But remember, some of her best recipes (the ones that are personalized just for YOU) are found on JillianMichaels.com. Just $4 per week (HOW much are you spending on Fast Food now??) for recipes, meal planners, weight and diet tracking, and LOTS Of motivation through success stories, forums, etc.

You can also find some more info on Jillian’s Healthy Brownies at a previous post here on BurnFatClub.com.

On this week’s Losing It With Jillian Episode 7, Jillian travels to Michigan to help a husband and wife, Todd and Amy Franklin from Detroit, to shed pounds. They have been overweight most of their lives and the loss of their family business has added extra stress to their lives.

Two years ago Amy had gastric but gained all the weight back and Todd can’t breathe at night. He uses one of those CPAP machines.
Amy also smokes while Todd has 49 percent body fat.

Jillian worked with them and kids to clean out the bad food. This is always a great part of the Losing It With Jillian show.

The kids were super concerned with parents because Dad can’t breathe at night and Mom smokes cigarettes all day. Thankfully, Mom buried her last cigarette and promised her two daughters that she would quit.

Jillian worked out with Todd separately and really pushed him boxing. Unfortunately he quit with 10

seconds left. Then the 2nd time he quit again. Jillian was struggling to find out what will motivate the couple.
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She is America’s ultimate trainer and so that has you wondering “Where Can I Buy Jillian Michaels Stuff?” Jillian Michaels knows how to kick butts and get people moving. Her shows, “The Biggest Loser” and now “Losing It With Jillian” draw masses of people searching for the answers to lose weight and keep it off.

Even Jillian’s story resonates with the people. Having been overweight during her teens years, Jillian has the empathy to be able to look people in the eye and say “I understand.” I think that is what draws people to her. She gets it and she wants us to get it too.

The products that Jillian are endorsing these days are many. Everything from Jillian Michaels diet pills, the Jillian 30 Day Shred, the cleanse and detox, the QuickStart, Jillian Michaels books, JillianMichaels.com memberships, DVD’s….the list goes on and on. Here are a few links that might be helpful in finding Jillian’s products quickly online:

Buy JillianMichaels.com – At just $4 per week this is less than the cost of ONE of the fast food meals you wont be eating while using the Jillian Michaels plan. Very affordable and worth every cent. This site is chock full of tips, personalized recipes, a meal planner, fitness workouts and much more. The best part is getting to connect with other fans of Jillian and keeping each other motivated. There is nothing better than having Jillian there each day reminding you of your goals and pushing you to reach them. Highly recommend this great tool for weight loss and keeping it off!

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I don’t see Jillian’s diabetes tips posted on the NBC website yet (usually takes a day or so after the episode airs) but you can always get them from JillianMichaels.com. She mentioned on tonight’s episode (Indian Reservation) that she would have them posted on NBC.com. In the meantime, here are a few tips to reduce your chance of getting diabetes type 2.

1) Daily exercise. Just move, however you can move, just move.

2) Whole vegetables and clean foods. Avoid foods that are processed, fried, have cartoon characters on the packaging and don’t spoil. You want foods that will actually rot. Have you see the 4 year old hamburger on YouTube? Yuck.

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This Losing It With Jillian episode 6, Yavapai-Apache Indian Reservation, featured the Plunkett-Marquez family and the entire tribe. Jillian Michaels had to work really hard getting the people of the nation to want to lose weight and be healthy, but she accomplished her goal.

The show started in Camp Verde, AZ, with Jillian driving up to the reservation as the family was preparing for a roast in the ground. The mother, Cora-Lei, says “Now it’s up to us to make our dreams come true.”

There is the  meeting with Dr. Van Herle where the family learns about their current health status. Cora-Lei, learned that she weighed 203 pounds and she should weigh 120. She had high LDL cholesterol and high blood sugar as well.

Then there is Delight, Cora-Lei’s sister and age 21, who weighed 257 and should weight 132. Brandon is Cora-Lei’s son and weight in at 253. At 15 years old, he should weight 158. Then there is Delores, Cora-Lei’s mother who has diabetes.

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Don’t miss this week’s episode of Losing It With Jillian – Changing a Nation, Indian reservation. I think it is going to be especially powerful to watch. The family is the Plunkett-Marquez Family and the show airs Tuesday, July 6th 8/7c on NBC.

Losing It With Jillian Recap Blog Here

Jillian travels to Arizona to help improve the health of the family and also the entire tribe. There are not many stories sadder than what this country has done to Native Americans. Now, on top of that, the production and marketing of cheap, unhealthy food is causing them to be some of the most obese in the country. I am pretty sure it’s going to be a tear-jerker for me.

If anyone can change the future for these fine people, it is Jillian. Expect the usual yelling and “in your face” workouts that we have grown to love from Losing It With Jillian, but I think there will be even more of the heart-to-heart conversations she brings too.

I am anxious to see how the rest of the Indian tribe reacts to Jillian. I hope they hear her message and make changes for their health. This is not a society I want to see lost (period) but especially not to something like obesity.

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