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Make your own delicious and healthy shakes for weight loss. If you think that shakes for weight loss are expensive and you aren’t confident in their ingredients, try to make them yourself. Homemade shakes for weight loss are some of the most popular supplements for weight loss, because everyone can do it with the right ingredients, a little ice and a blender. In fact, they can help you even more than other weight loss products that you can find in the stores. Continue reading

If you saw the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition show featuring Staci, then you saw them cooking up this roasted green bean recipe. Here are the details with some suggestions for alternatives as well. These recipes are for 4 servings at 60-100 calories per serving.


2 pounds green beans, washed and cut in half, trim ends
2 Tablespoons Organic Pinenuts or slivered almonds
1 1/2 Tablespoons olive oil Continue reading

I recently had a doctor friend tell me he was able to lose weight by taking a capsule of cinnamon every morning. I have heard of the thermogenic benefits of cinnamon before but I never heard it from a doctor’s mouth.

This guy lost about 40 pounds but I will say, I also know he started running as well. Still I was intrigued and started to look into it a bit more.

Studies Show Cinnamon Helps Control Blood Sugar

According to the Mayo Clinic, there have been some studies that show cinnamon has beneficial effects on regulating blood sugar. When you really think about how energy (or food) in your body turns into fat, understanding how glucose and insulin operate is really important when you are trying to lose weight. Continue reading

When I recently lost over 40 pounds in 50 days using Diet Direct products, it was the WonderSlim Bars that made all the difference for me. So here is a review of the different flavors and what I did to make this plan work.

How Wonderslim Bars Helped

Sometimes when you are making the decision to slim down and make lifestyle changes, you need something to help give you a boost. Sometimes we don’t need all of those food choices. Keeping it simple might help you to clear your mind and tackle your weight loss goals. For me, the Wonderslim bars and shakes helped me to do just that.

They are 150 calories each, have no trans fat, are low in cholesterol, and they are full of fiber

First of all, the bars have great nutrition. They are 150 calories each, have no trans fat, are low in cholesterol, and they are full of fiber. It is the whey protein and the fiber that keeps you feeling full long after you take a bite.  So since I was also having the shakes too at 100 calories each, I was able to have more than one bar per day. Basically, I would have a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a green and lean meal for dinner. That was about 700 calories total. Continue reading

Finding the best healthy snacks to lose weight can feel like an unbearable task. There are so many temptations breaking down your resolve throughout the day that having good, filling snacks is key to losing weight. If you feel full and satisfied, you will be less likely to give in to that candy bar, chips or drive-thru restaurant.

Top Ten Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

1) Whole wheat tortilla, banana, and natural peanut butter. Spread a THIN layer of peanut butter on the tortilla and wrap a cut up banana for a very filling treat that will keep you in check for hours.

2) Aldi’s Fit & Active Fruit Snacks trail mix. Make your own trail mix with almonds and these low calorie sweet chews. This is a great snack when you want a little sweet and salty mixed together.

3) Trader Joe’s cereal bars. These make for a great meal replacement too. They keep you full longer than some bars that are loaded with preservatives. Fig, strawberry, and blueberry are best, in that order.

4) Broccoli Robbie. Don’t know where I got the name for this but it is good. Take some raw broccoli “trees,” dip in fat free cream cheese to coat the “leaves” and then dip in fake bacon bits. Again, good for when you want more than one flavor/texture.

5) Tomatoes and balsamic salad. Actually, you can add cucumbers too but the basics are tomatoes, balsamic and diced up fresh basil leaves. Feels like a nice Italian restaurant appetizer.

6) Puddin’ snacker. Mix one fat free, sugar free pudding mix with a bunch of fat free whipped cream. Then freeze. Turns out like a yummy mousse. Great with cheesecake flavor and top with some fresh strawberries or low sugar pie filling.

7) Low calorie fruit dip. One of our favorites. Take one light yogurt (small container) that has fruit bits in it like peach and mix with one low cal pudding (already made, small container). Add a little fat free whipped cream and mix. Now dip pineapple, strawberries, apples, etc. Tastes just like Jason’s Deli fruit dip that comes with their trays.

8 ) ChocoLOTS. If you are in the mood for chocolate, bake up some diet cakes. Take a light cake mix and mix with a diet sprite or diet coke. Bake as usual. You will be shocked how much it tastes like “fattening” cake.

9) Banana ice cream. In a smoothie blender, mix chopped bits of frozen banana, skim milk (just a tad), and either other fruits like frozen strawberries or no sugar chocolate syrup. Freeze for about an hour and enjoy your homemade ice cream. So good!

10) Turkey pepperoni wraps. One slice of fat free cheese, one whole wheat tortilla and some turkey pepperoni. Either toast in the oven or wrap it up and heat in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Mini pizza on the go.

Be creative when coming up with your healthy snacks to lose weight. You will be surprised at what you come up with. Share your ideas below!


Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

If you have been wondering how those that are not the Biggest Loser Winners go home and keep losing all that weight, we now know the answer is the Biggest Loser Meal Plan. The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is now being offered through eDiets, the leader in fresh prepared meal delivery.



Biggest Loser Diet Success Stories

I always wondered what contestants were doing at home to keep dropping those big numbers! Adam lost 102 pounds at home and says “I saw a huge change in my weight loss. I have been replicating some of the numbers I had on the ranch. I saw the direct correlation immediately. It’s literally been the backbone to my success!” The shocking thing with the plan is that Adam did this in 19 weeks.

Another Biggest Loser Winner, Patrick, lost 60 pounds with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan after he went home. “I don’t have to stare at my cabinets trying to figure out what to eat. I don’t have to weigh food or measure. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s awesome and I know exactly the nutrition that I’m putting into my body.”Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

With the Biggest Loser diet, you can choose the 5 or 7 day plan and you get to choose the meals you prefer either online or over the phone. You also get access to:

  • Unlimited support from registered dietitians via phone, email or online chat
  • Easy-to-use online nutrition tracker
  • Tools to help you track your weight-loss progress and live a healthy lifestyle

Right now you can start the Biggest Loser Meal plan and get a week free using this link :

Join The Biggest Loser® Meal Plan and Get a Week Free

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

Yesterday the FDA released the calorie count draft guidelines to fast food restaurants. These are the guidelines explaining how chain restaurants (with 20 or more locations) will have to post their calorie count info. This gives us as consumers a bit of insight into how everything will look come spring of 2011.

There are a few places already following the guidelines. I recently saw at a  Jack In The Box, nutritional info was listed at their drive thru and there were actually several healthier options. But wooooaaaahhhhh, watch the sodium!  I think the guidelines will be great for when people are in a bind and just have to have something to eat. So, what will it look like?

The calorie count guidelines state that the calorie count must be displayed as big as either the menu item name or the price and be similar in appearance. Other nutritional info like fat and sodium must be available as well, but it doesn’t have to be posted. Items that are short term (60 days of less) don’t need nutritional info posted either. This was done to prevent the restaurants from having to do too much work.

My question is this… do you think having the calorie count info posted will prevent people from ordering the obscenely high calorie items? I am anxious to see how the calorie count guidelines affect our waistlines.

Who doesn’t need a few more quick healthy suppers ideas? Especially when dieting, we find ourselves getting into a rut with our food choices. Here are a few healthy suppers to shake things up a bit.

Quick Healthy Suppers

Stir fry zucchini and yellow squash strips with some low salt teriyaki sauce and place in whole wheat tortillas with sesame seeds, fresh cabbage, and onions. Side of chicken broth soup with sliced mushrooms and chopped green onions. Yum!

Enjoy turkey cutlets with cranberry sauce on toasted whole wheat bread with lettuce. Add a sweet potato on the side and enjoy Thanksgiving any time of the year. Protein and vitamins!

This is a great dinner for when you are coming off of or just about to start the Master Cleanse. Saute fresh spinach in a pan for about 30 seconds, just enough to make it wilt a little bit. Remove spinach from pan and add chopped onion, mandarin oranges (with a little juice), garlic, and apple slices. Saute until onions are slightly soft. Place on top of bed of spinach for a fresh, healthy salad.

100% whole wheat pizza dough is a lifesaver when trying to make quick, healthy suppers. Top with marinara and fresh veggies from the farmer’s market. One of my favorites is to use Laughing Cow cheese wedges (they have tons of flavors now) and mix it up. I like the queso flavor so you can have a mexi pizza with taco seasoned black beans, corn, onions and peppers!

Please leave a comment with your favorite healthy suppers and we will be sure to try it and post a review here at BurnFatClub.

Blackberries are in season so here are blackberry calories and nutritional info, along with some tips and recipes for how to add them to your meals. No, not blackberry phones, blackberries you eat! (Though if you want blackberry phones, check out the link below :) and you can get Blackberry calorie apps at But I digress….

Many diet plans highlight added more fresh fruit to your diet and buying in season is always the best choice. I remember picking blackberries off the bushes around the corn fields of my grandparent’s farm as a young girl. They are so good right off the bush, but at this time of year, it’s pretty close so enjoy.

Continue reading

A lot of times I hear that it is too expensive to eat healthy and that cheap and healthy dinners to lose weight are just not possible. Even when I was watching Food, Inc. by Michael Pollan, this topic was discussed. The family couldn’t afford the fruits and vegetables on their budget so they went to the fast food drive-thru instead.

Cheap and healthy dinners are definitely possible and I know you can even SAVE money when you make the right choices. Also, remember portion control is important here too! When you start to keep track of what a serving really is, there is plenty to go around.

The main focus is buying what is on sale. I got red, orange, and yellow peppers on sale at Kroger this week 10 for $10. I can make so many different dinners from just those, a can of black beans and some rice. Oh and use your freezer! Chop them up and freeze them so you can use them later. I used to get frustrated because I was buying too much produce and it would go bad before I got to it. Now, everything gets frozen. One banana on the counter gets cut up and frozen for a smoothie. Grapes, strawberries, onions, sweet corn…try so hard not to waste anything.

Other great buys right now are squash and zucchini. I got about 4 zucchini for a little more than a dollar, and the same with the squash. Onions, whichever salad green is on sale, small peppers that are cheap but have a lot of flavor like jalapeno. Just try to spend most of your shopping time in the produce department, then get a few meats, and the staples of rice and beans and you can easily make a week’s worth of dinners.

Here are a few cheap and healthy dinners I have had recently:

  • Sausage and peppers – Jennie O Lean Turkey sausage ($3.99 for 4 or 5 links), cut up into one inch pieces, and peppers on brown rice.
  • Hot turkey sandwiches – on whole wheat bread, or pita bread, with tomato and onion or peppers, grill with a touch of olive oil. I spread one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese ($2 for 8 of them) on the bread too. Then for the side, frozen organic potatoes ($2.99) for the whole bag…can get 4 servings from one bag or sweet corn which at Publix right now is 10 for $3 I think. Cheap!
  • Veggies and noodles – Zucchini, squash, cut into long thin strips, cherry tomatoes, tossed with whole wheat angel hair or spaghetti. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, basil, dash of olive oil. Perfect.
  • BLT salads – Turkey bacon, lots of greens, tomatoes, onions, and for the dressing, whatever mayo or mayo substitute you use thinned out with skim milk. Season with fresh ground pepper. Soo good.
  • Chicken drummies a la easy – chicken drumsticks in the crock pot with barbecue sauce or Worcestershire sauce. Cook all day long, meat will almost fall of the bone. Side of broccoli or boiled cabbage on brown rice.
  • Fiesta – Ice berg lettuce wraps with a stuffing of fajita seasoned lean ground beef (1/2 pound), black beans, rice and vegetables.  SHORTCUT—- ground beef, cook it up and mix with two weight watchers Sante Fe rice and beans dinners (can get for like $1.50 each and even less with a coupon) and use this as the filling for your lettuce wraps. That would be enough for about 2 adults and 2 kids.
  • Hamburger wraps — With the other half of the cooked hamburger, mix with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, maybe some leftover turkey bacon…wrap in lettuce wraps with tomatoes. Remainder of frozen organic potatoes as the side.

Try to always put a bowl of fruit on the table too. Those few grapes no one is eating, an orange you sliced up, a couple of watermelon slices. Then if no one eats the fruit, time to freeze for smoothies which are great “dessert” offerings!

Cheap and healthy dinners are very doable, but it takes planning and timing. This planning is an investment in you and your family! Finding what is on sale, in season and what you might be able to use for more than one dish are the keys to cheap and healthy dinners to lose weight.