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DDP Yoga Creator...Dallas Diamond Page

When most of us think about Yoga we tend to get a picture of stretching, flexibility, and serenity but for pro wrestler Dallas Diamond Page is changing all of that with a new and intense form of the ancient art that allowed a man to lose over 100 pounds.

However, this is not just a weight loss story. This is a very inspirational look into how a former disabled Army paratrooper got his life and health back by using this new Yoga system. Once you watch the video below, you can’t help but be motivated.

Why? Because not only was Arthur Boorman severely overweight, he was basically unable to walk on his own due to the excess weight and military injuries. Today, his story has turned him into an overnight internet sensation as his path from unfit to fit was documented via video.

Boorman used the DDP Yoga system designed by the former wrestler and it clearly had a dramatic impact on both his weight and lifestyle.

arthur boorman ddp yoga

DDP Yoga Success Story...Arthur Boorman


The DDP system is known to be far more intense than traditional yoga and uses your natural body weight to create more resistance and results.  It’s definitely a different kind of Yoga and, according to Boorman, the inside running joke is “It ain’t your momma’s yoga.”

Unlike lots of people who may have been overweight most of their lives, Boorman was a Gulf War Vet and obviously in decent physical shape in order to deal with the stresses of war.  However, that all changed and he eventually ended up needing leg braces just to walk. Back injuries from jumping out of planes and his weight both led to a life of misery. Continue reading