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This is a question I get asked a lot as someone who has lost 40 pounds in 50 days – “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?” The answer to this question is relatively simple and can be answered with a variety of daily needs calculators found all over the internet. The Self calculator is one of my favorites, but there is also the way to go about it as well.

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

The simple and obvious answer is that you should take in less than you burn each day. (The calculators can help you figure this out). For my personal diet, I keep my daily intake below 1500 calories, but it is definitely different for every person. This is why using the calculators is so important. Don’t just try one, give a couple of them a try so that you can see if there are any differences. The plan has a good personalized plan that you could try. Another thing that is important when considering your daily caloric intake is how much exercise or activity you are doing each day. You have to feed your body the right vitamins and minerals in order for it to operate properly.

Sometimes, people might try a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) to jump start their weight loss but it is not recommended for long term or for someone who only has a few pounds to lose. VLCDs are diets that are 800 calories or below per day. These types of diets used to have to be done with medical supervision but now they are available to just about anyone at an affordable price. The concern with VLCDs is that you will regain the weight back once you begin eating normally. Yes, this will happen if you revert to your old ways, but if you go through some behavior change while you are losing weight, you can work to keep this from happening.

Another way to jump start weight loss is through cleansing which is also very low calorie but meant to be done for short term, though some cleansing can last for months by experienced cleansers. I cleanse from time to time for a couple of days just to get myself back on track or whenever I need a boost. I like the Lemonade Diet Cleanse for this purpose.

Also remember it is not just about calories. You want to make sure you are giving your body what it needs. Do your research and know YOUR body. “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?” is ultimately a question that you and your doctor should discuss in order for you to determine which plan will work best for YOU.

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

If you have been wondering how those that are not the Biggest Loser Winners go home and keep losing all that weight, we now know the answer is the Biggest Loser Meal Plan. The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is now being offered through eDiets, the leader in fresh prepared meal delivery.



Biggest Loser Diet Success Stories

I always wondered what contestants were doing at home to keep dropping those big numbers! Adam lost 102 pounds at home and says “I saw a huge change in my weight loss. I have been replicating some of the numbers I had on the ranch. I saw the direct correlation immediately. It’s literally been the backbone to my success!” The shocking thing with the plan is that Adam did this in 19 weeks.

Another Biggest Loser Winner, Patrick, lost 60 pounds with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan after he went home. “I don’t have to stare at my cabinets trying to figure out what to eat. I don’t have to weigh food or measure. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s awesome and I know exactly the nutrition that I’m putting into my body.”Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

With the Biggest Loser diet, you can choose the 5 or 7 day plan and you get to choose the meals you prefer either online or over the phone. You also get access to:

  • Unlimited support from registered dietitians via phone, email or online chat
  • Easy-to-use online nutrition tracker
  • Tools to help you track your weight-loss progress and live a healthy lifestyle

Right now you can start the Biggest Loser Meal plan and get a week free using this link :

Join The Biggest Loser® Meal Plan and Get a Week Free

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

I have lost 40 pounds in 50 days using Diet Direct Wonderslim protein shakes so I think that makes me qualified to do a Diet Direct Shake Review. I decided that I needed to lose weight and started looking around on the Internet for something affordable, quick, and healthy. After checking out Medifast, New Lifestyle Diet, and Slim Fast, I finally decided on Diet Direct Wonderslim Protein Shakes. Primarily it was the cost for what I received that convinced me to give them a try. It was literally half of what I was spending on groceries, eating out, etc while some of the other plans involved more of an investment. So, money wins in this case.

After completing a short two day cleanse to jump start my weight loss efforts and start fresh, I began using the Diet Direct shakes. I had two-three shakes each day, usually breakfast and lunch, but sometimes breakfast and dinner, depending on my schedule for that day. I have tried other shakes previously and I have to say that these were BY FAR, the best tasting shakes I have ever had. I didn’t use a blender or have to add anything to them (like ice) to make them halfway enjoyable. The weight loss kit came with a shaker blender and it worked great getting the shake nice and thick and frothy. I like the chocolate the best, but I also love the berry yogurt and the chocomint which I admit I do like to freeze up a bit because it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The whey protein kept me feeling full and satisfied so doing the two-three shakes per day was easy. I did have one lean and green meal each day which usually consisted of chicken and broccoli or spinach or a giant salad.

The best thing about Diet Direct is that when you place an order, they send you free samples to try other products! I love this! A packet of this, a bar of that, and you have found a new treat!

This led to me ordering the Wonderslim protein bars for whenever I needed something more (a snacky poo!) and here is my warning…these are TOO good. The peanut butter bar is the BEST though my boyfriend likes the brownie bar and Rocky Road. You have to be careful with these because you should just have ONE and it might be hard for some people to stop at one. But they do fill me up when I am on the go and maybe don’t have time to make the shake. They definitely don’t taste like diet bars at all!

So for our Diet Direct Shake Review,  BurnFatClub highly recommends them as they are delicious, the most affordable we have seen online and easy! Use the this link to Save 50% On Weight Loss Starter Kits –

Every few months there is a new Internet diet pill sensation and recently it has been the African diet pill called African Mango Plus. African Mango, otherwise known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is credited for increasing the hormone Leptin which has appetite suppressing properties. Ever since Irvingia Gabonensis was mentioned on the Dr. Oz show, there has been a huge increase in interest in the product African Mango Plus among celebrities, fitness experts, and regular “expert dieters” all over the country. This is a celebrity diet that is easily accessible for even us regular folks.

Published Study on African Diet Pill

There was even a study published that discusses African Mango Plus as a tool to use against Metabolic Syndrome, or insulin resistance syndrome, which makes weight loss so difficult. Published in the journal of “Lipids in Health and Disease,” this study researched 102 people half that took African Mango and the other half took the placebo. Those taking African Mango resulted in “Significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference. African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) administered 150 mg twice daily before meals to overweight and/or obese human volunteers favorably impacts body weight and a variety of parameters characteristic of the metabolic syndrome.”

The hormone Leptin is perhaps better known as the hormone associated with the obese mice. It was actually the mice that didn’t have leptin that were obese. Leptin is an appetite suppressant and without it working properly, you can become overweight or obese.  Anything that can work to regulate this hormone can help you to lose dramatic amounts of weight.

This new African diet pill has been used by the natives of West Africa as an energy source on very long hunts for ages. African mango, only found in Cameroon, Africa has been used there for medicinal purposes but it’s weights loss and metabolism boosting effects are only now being discovered after the press from Dr. Oz. I personally like Dr. Oz and I appreciate his open-mindedness to natural methods of health and weight loss. I think he has done a lot for alternative or natural health and has helped thousands find answers to their weight loss dilemmas.

According to the African diet pill website, if you order the product you also become a member of their weight loss fitness club (sounds like it is similar to Jillian Michaels) which can help provide accountability and tips for how to stay on track. As we all know, there is no magic pill and it always takes some effort on your part. The African diet pill, African Mango Plus, might be the boost you need to get going.

As the new year approaches and we are all making our resolutions, what are the best diets for the new year and to start on Jan 1? Here is a list of a few new ones catching a lot of attention and a few oldies but goodies.

1. The The Dukan Diet– This diet is from a french doctor and it seems to be the super Atkins of the French. But what are the Dukan Diet Rules? The back of the book says:

The Dukan Diet is a unique 4-step program, combining two steps to lose your unwanted weight and two steps to keep it off for good:

Step 1: Attack
For 2-7 days eat as much as you want of 72 protein-rich foods.

Step 2: Cruise
Continue eating the protein-rich foods with the addition of 28 vegetables.

Step 3: Consolidation
Add fruit, bread, cheese and starchy foods, and 2 celebration meals a week, allowing 5 days for every pound lost.

Step 4: Stabilization
Eat what you like without regaining weight by following 3 simple rules, including the famous `protein Thursdays’.

Devised by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight permanently, The Dukan Diet is the culmination of thirty-five years’ clinical experience. Without any of the usual marketing hype, The Dukan Diet swept across France, championed by the people who had successfully lost weight following the diet. It is now estimated that the Dukan community numbers over 5 million people in France. Easy to follow with no calorie counting, The Dukan Diet offers clear simple guidelines, menu planners and delicious recipes for long term success.

Beyond its immense success in France, The Dukan Diet has been adopted by 20 countries and translated into 10 languages. Many international observers agree that this is the method most likely to put a stop to the world’s weight problems.

Plan on buying a lot of  Oat Bran Packages to go along with the book off of Amazon. (That’s the cheapest place to get it). You can also get the Dukan Diet kindle version if Santa was nice enough to bring you a kindle this year!

2. Weight Watchers – Always popular, proven to work, Weight Watchers is the traditional go to diet for a nice stable loss in weight. Pros include their simple points system which is now even easier because they include a lot of foods you can just eat as much as you want of. Even if you don’t like the idea of going to the meetings and weighing in, I highly recommend the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook which just came out Dec 21. It has great healthy recipes you can fit into almost any healthy eating plan.

3. P90X – If you are about to Bring It for the New Year and you plan on a no holds barred approach, P90X is right up your alley. There is an eating plan that comes with this ultimate workout but you can also tailor it to use with any eating plan. Basically, it is never a bad idea to do the
exercise plan with Whatever you are doing. It has shown great results for people that actually do it. I have a few friends that have transformed their bodies with P90X.

4. If you want to start the new year with a super cleanse to get you started, the Lemonade Diet Cleanse is a good one. This is a great way to wipe the slate clean from all the crap you might have enjoyed over the holidays and prepare your body for dieting. This version is the easiest because all of the ingredients are in a pill but you can also try the Beyonce route and actually drink all of the glasses of cleansing lemonade. Either way, it works with the ability to lose up to 17 pounds in 14 days. The Lemonade Diet Cleanse might be a good way to start the new year off toward a healthy, smaller YOU.

5. – Jillian offers what she promises on her website. Here is an excerpt from Tammy who lost 142 pounds using She says:

I had never watched The Biggest Loser, but I’d heard of Jillian’s reputation and decided to give her online program a try. Once I’d joined and spent a few minutes browsing the site, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had tried to lose weight on my own countless times throughout my life, but I’d always failed. Jillian’s approach made sense. Weight loss is a simple math equation: calories in, calories out. You had to burn more calories than you ate. Simple. Not easy, but simple.

When I first began my journey, I followed Jillian’s program pretty strictly. I worked out five days a week with, two rest days, used her circuit training from the site, and followed her suggested calorie limit; I also kept a diary of my food intake each day. In addition, I used Jillian’s DVDs. In the beginning, I was ashamed of my size and very self-conscious about being in a gym with other people. I joined a 24-hour gym and would workout between midnight and 2 a.m. to increase my chances of being alone in the gym. After following this routine for four months, I decided to change to a gym that offered classes. I soon discovered that not only did I not care what other people thought (or whether they might be watching me), I actually enjoyed working out with people around. Their presence helps push me further in my workouts and keeps me moving when I’d rather stop. Today you’ll find me in the gym six days out of seven. I work with a trainer once a week and take strength-training, kickboxing, step, and cardio classes, and I’ve recently added running to my routine — I go out with a group of friends from the gym.

Wow. That is so motivating and you can read Tammy’s entire story on Jillian’s website.

Whichever best diet for the new year you plan to start on Jan 1, remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint and you can get there! Good luck!