Maybe this is one you haven’t tried yet? Have you heard of the Sex Diet? Regular sexual activity contributes to weight loss. On average, a half-hour of sex burns 150-350 calories, and for weight loss is recommended to practice it from three to five times a week.

This activity can be compared with a half-hour walking, running or lifting weights. Orgasm, which is a good cardio workout, burns 60-100 calories, and half an hour of kissing and cuddling up to 90 calories.

Going to the gym or exercising at home is often seen as a tedious obligation. Many don’t know that sexual activity brings the same benefits as any other physical activity. Besides it giving pleasure, sex improves mood, sleep and overall quality of life, reduces stress, relieves pain, gives you energy, helps in weight loss, and it is far from a boring and difficult activity.

During sex, all the muscles are in motion, including the legs, thighs, arms, shoulders and lower abdomen, and if sex is longer you’ll burn more calories. Changing the position requires more power and delivers twice as many benefits from simple exercise and having a partner who is more active in sex, burns more calories.

Happy and fulfilling relationships help in weight loss, because people eat more when they are frustrated and lonely. Having sex with many different partners with the aim of losing weight is not going to have a positive effect, because such behavior can increase stress.

Losing weight helps boost sexual desire and some research shows that slimmer women enjoy sex more because they don’t feel as manycomplexes about their own body. In the blood vessels of obese individuals there is more fat which leads to decreased blood flow to the sexual organs. This in turn  results in reduced sexual arousal.

What to Eat on the Sex Diet?

If you think that you can just have a lot of sex and still eat whatever you want – you’re wrong. The sex-diet requires portion control. However, it is important to enjoy the food, just as you enjoy sex. You should give up fast food because it is rich with fat, salt, sugar and additives. All of this affects your mood, libido and removes from your body the vitamins and minerals needed for health.

Alcohol is another thing that you have to give up. Not only these are unnecessary calories, but in men can be the reason for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Some people use alcohol as a way to reduce inhibitions in the bedroom. Taking alcohol off the options forces you to try to do this without “help.” This can make your sex life more satisfying and bring you closer as a couple.

The diet portion is pretty basic and straight forward. Choose low-fat milk products, whole grains, sugar-free desserts, fresh herbs, seafood, fruits and vegetables. It is allowed to enjoy dark chocolate, which is aphrodisiac. The good news – you get to have a lot, a lot of sex! It doesn’t matter what kind of sex life you enjoy, whether it is just kissing and touching or adventurous sex poses- passion is part of this sex-diet.

To enjoy more time in the bed and lose weight, be creative with sex and don’t ignore moderate exercise outside of the bedroom. Exercise with a partner can be a good introduction to foreplay. Pay attention to nutrition and you will watch your sex life go from boring to amazing in the bedroom.

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