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As a big supporter of Jillian Michaels, we are happy to see her family growing with the addition of her daughter Lukensia, 2, and her son Phoenix, just a few weeks old. Jillian adopted Lukensia from Haiti in what was a long and sometimes stressful ordeal.

Then, in an interesting turn of events, Jillian’s partner, Heidi Rhoades, gave birth to their son Phoenix around the same time (5/3). So from no babies to 2 babies and wala, instant family.

Recent photos of Jillian and Lukensia on the beach were a big hit after Memorial Day weekend Continue reading

Dieters are always looking for the craziest diet fads to see what people are trying to do to lose weight. It is amazing what people actually come up with to do anything to shed pounds.

None of these “diets” have any scientific backing to them, so read for fun, not to gain any dieting advice!

5) The Cabbage Soup Diet

This is probably the diet your mom tried in the 70s to lose weight. By eating nothing but this cabbage soup, diet developers claimed you would drop pounds quickly.

The diet did work for some, for a few days, but the severe restriction of the diet left most craving and then binging when they couldn’t take it anymore.

4) The Banana Diet

A little more recent, the banana diet gained its popularity in Asia when a young celebrity stated she used the banana diet to lose weight. Similar to the cabbage soup diet, followers ate bananas…all the time.

Sticking with this theme of limiting diets to one food, there is also the Twinkie Diet, the Baby Food Diet, the Master Cleanse, and the Grapefruit Diet.

3) The Chewing Diet

The basis of quite a few eating disorders, this “diet” was suggested by nutritionist Hoarce Flethcher. The concept here is to chew your food until it is completely liquid and then spit it out. Ahhhh you will make the best impression on a first date! Continue reading

When I recently lost over 40 pounds in 50 days using Diet Direct products, it was the WonderSlim Bars that made all the difference for me. So here is a review of the different flavors and what I did to make this plan work.

How Wonderslim Bars Helped

Sometimes when you are making the decision to slim down and make lifestyle changes, you need something to help give you a boost. Sometimes we don’t need all of those food choices. Keeping it simple might help you to clear your mind and tackle your weight loss goals. For me, the Wonderslim bars and shakes helped me to do just that.

They are 150 calories each, have no trans fat, are low in cholesterol, and they are full of fiber

First of all, the bars have great nutrition. They are 150 calories each, have no trans fat, are low in cholesterol, and they are full of fiber. It is the whey protein and the fiber that keeps you feeling full long after you take a bite.  So since I was also having the shakes too at 100 calories each, I was able to have more than one bar per day. Basically, I would have a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a green and lean meal for dinner. That was about 700 calories total. Continue reading

Dallas Diamond Page Yoga

DDP Yoga Creator...Dallas Diamond Page

When most of us think about Yoga we tend to get a picture of stretching, flexibility, and serenity but for pro wrestler Dallas Diamond Page is changing all of that with a new and intense form of the ancient art that allowed a man to lose over 100 pounds.

However, this is not just a weight loss story. This is a very inspirational look into how a former disabled Army paratrooper got his life and health back by using this new Yoga system. Once you watch the video below, you can’t help but be motivated.

Why? Because not only was Arthur Boorman severely overweight, he was basically unable to walk on his own due to the excess weight and military injuries. Today, his story has turned him into an overnight internet sensation as his path from unfit to fit was documented via video.

Boorman used the DDP Yoga system designed by the former wrestler and it clearly had a dramatic impact on both his weight and lifestyle.

arthur boorman ddp yoga

DDP Yoga Success Story...Arthur Boorman


The DDP system is known to be far more intense than traditional yoga and uses your natural body weight to create more resistance and results.  It’s definitely a different kind of Yoga and, according to Boorman, the inside running joke is “It ain’t your momma’s yoga.”

Unlike lots of people who may have been overweight most of their lives, Boorman was a Gulf War Vet and obviously in decent physical shape in order to deal with the stresses of war.  However, that all changed and he eventually ended up needing leg braces just to walk. Back injuries from jumping out of planes and his weight both led to a life of misery. Continue reading