If you are like most of us who are on the quest to drop pounds, you are always on the lookout for the next great product that will help you to do it quick and according to Dr. Oz that product might be the Raspberry Ketone Diet.

raspberry ketone dietOn one of his recent shows, Dr. Oz, talked about the 5 biggest fat busters for 5 different body types and one of the products that was highlighted on that show was raspberry ketone.

There is no question that Dr. Oz has a pretty good reputation and he is clearly one of the world’s most popular sources for healthy products. However, he can certainly create a frenzy when it comes to new or unknown products and raspberry ketone definitely fits into that category.

That in itself is not really a problem. The problem comes when the demand starts to skyrocket and people begin to make all kinds of unbelievable claims and it makes it hard for you to determine what to trust.  So, you need to be diligent and do your own research.

The good news is that the raspberry ketone diet is obviously based on natural raspberries and therefore deemed to be fairly safe. But, you should always talk with your doctor before engaging in any kind of new weight loss routine.

It should be noted that on his show, Dr. Oz stated that the product was “amazing” and that he did not really know how powerful it was until he started doing his own research.

  • Ketones are from red raspberries
  • No side effects
  • Effective at helping body to burn fat
  • Burns fat easier by slicing it up inside the cells

Raspberry ketone does not work based on some kind of junk science. It basically helps to activate a particular hormone in the body that helps to release fat. In some people this hormone is naturally active while others need a little help from ketones.

In case you are wondering if you can just go and eat a bunch of raspberries and get the same effect, the short answer is no because you would literally have to eat the equivalent of 90 pounds of raspberries. The calories and sugar alone would defeat the whole process.

Contrary to many of the products that show up on the market, raspberry ketones appear to be a legitimate way to trick your body into believing that it is skinny. That sounds kind of strange but it really does explain the basic concept and why your weight loss efforts can dramatically improve on the raspberry ketone diet.



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