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That piece of equipment, the rowing machine, that no one ever used in the gym is starting to make a comeback. With rowing classes and personal training focusing on this oldie but goodie, fitness enthusiasts are starting to take a second look at the full body wonder.

Exercise physiologist Cedrc Bryant said in a recent New York Times article…

“Indoor rowing is a great, total-body conditioner that burns a significant number of calories and targets many of the key muscles of the upper body, lower body and core”

One marathon runner who has been using rowing to boost her times said,

“Since I incorporated rowing into my training, I have cut an hour off my marathon time. I can jump on the rower for just 30 minutes and get a really good full-body workout.”

You can read more about how to incorporate rowing into your routine at the New York Times.


According to recently released data from the Cell Metabolism
journal, when healthy and inactive men or women exercise for just
a short period of time they will see an immediate change in their DNA
and fat burning ability.
According to Science Daily
“The DNA changes in question are known as epigenetic modifications and involve the gain or loss of chemical marks on DNA over and above the familiar sequence of As, Gs, Ts, and Cs.

The new study shows that the DNA within skeletal muscle taken from people after a burst of exercise bears fewer chemical marks (specifically methyl groups) than it did before exercise.

Those changes take place in stretches of DNA that are involved in turning “on” genes important for muscles’ adaptation to exercise…

Broadly speaking, the findings offer more evidence that our genomes are much more dynamic than they are often given credit for.”

You can learn more about this fascinating information at

Are you interested in learning how to lose 20 pounds in an easy and safe way? Then you will not regret coming across this page. We provide you with answers to will help you achieve your weight loss in a healthy manner and promote happy and healthy living.

It may be simple to do this by just burning more calories than you eat. Some people have recommended creating a deficit of 500 calories in a day, which includes exercise and activity. This may yield a loss of about 2 pounds of fat in a week. Though, there are better ways of doing this without having to worry about the calories.

One of these ways is to check the amount of carbohydrates you eat daily. A lot of carbohydrates increase the levels of insulin in the blood because they are the micronutrients that cause the release of large amounts of insulin. On the other hand, insulin causes the body’s cells to store energy and prevent them from releasing the energy. This leads to increase in hunger and decrease in energy levels. Then it causes an increase in the amounts of food consumption contributing to gaining more weight. It is important to restrict the levels of carbohydrates and the best solution on how to lose 20 pounds faster will be staying at 100 grams per day.

It is also recommended that you minimize the amounts of added sugars, starchy vegetables and grains (including healthy whole grains). Since losing 20 pounds may not be that easy, especially if you expect to do so fast, you should consider minimizing the amount of fruits eaten, and 1-2 pieces a day will be enough.

Select foods that are rich in proteins, distributing them evenly throughout your meals to maximize fat loss and reduce muscle loss. Remember to include meals like meat, fish, white eggs, nuts, and some high fat dairy. It is critical to eat natural health products because they are better for a health lifestyle.

Another very important thing to do is to exercise. But how one does this is the problem. You will have to find activities that will get you moving more than you usually do. The best way to ensure that you are physically fit is to have thirty minutes exercise every day. You should consider walking, rollerblading, bicycling, and swimming. Even though this becomes very hard for some people to keep up with or even start, always have the attitude of yes you can within you. Remember; where there is a will, there is a way out. Start it little by little and you will make it.

When all these have been achieved, ensure that you have enough rest. Good sleep is important for general health and mental well-being. You will have higher chances of succeeding in losing your weight if you put rest into consideration. We hope this article will be of great help to you in educating you on how to lose 20 pounds.