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Finding the best healthy snacks to lose weight can feel like an unbearable task. There are so many temptations breaking down your resolve throughout the day that having good, filling snacks is key to losing weight. If you feel full and satisfied, you will be less likely to give in to that candy bar, chips or drive-thru restaurant.

Top Ten Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

1) Whole wheat tortilla, banana, and natural peanut butter. Spread a THIN layer of peanut butter on the tortilla and wrap a cut up banana for a very filling treat that will keep you in check for hours.

2) Aldi’s Fit & Active Fruit Snacks trail mix. Make your own trail mix with almonds and these low calorie sweet chews. This is a great snack when you want a little sweet and salty mixed together.

3) Trader Joe’s cereal bars. These make for a great meal replacement too. They keep you full longer than some bars that are loaded with preservatives. Fig, strawberry, and blueberry are best, in that order.

4) Broccoli Robbie. Don’t know where I got the name for this but it is good. Take some raw broccoli “trees,” dip in fat free cream cheese to coat the “leaves” and then dip in fake bacon bits. Again, good for when you want more than one flavor/texture.

5) Tomatoes and balsamic salad. Actually, you can add cucumbers too but the basics are tomatoes, balsamic and diced up fresh basil leaves. Feels like a nice Italian restaurant appetizer.

6) Puddin’ snacker. Mix one fat free, sugar free pudding mix with a bunch of fat free whipped cream. Then freeze. Turns out like a yummy mousse. Great with cheesecake flavor and top with some fresh strawberries or low sugar pie filling.

7) Low calorie fruit dip. One of our favorites. Take one light yogurt (small container) that has fruit bits in it like peach and mix with one low cal pudding (already made, small container). Add a little fat free whipped cream and mix. Now dip pineapple, strawberries, apples, etc. Tastes just like Jason’s Deli fruit dip that comes with their trays.

8 ) ChocoLOTS. If you are in the mood for chocolate, bake up some diet cakes. Take a light cake mix and mix with a diet sprite or diet coke. Bake as usual. You will be shocked how much it tastes like “fattening” cake.

9) Banana ice cream. In a smoothie blender, mix chopped bits of frozen banana, skim milk (just a tad), and either other fruits like frozen strawberries or no sugar chocolate syrup. Freeze for about an hour and enjoy your homemade ice cream. So good!

10) Turkey pepperoni wraps. One slice of fat free cheese, one whole wheat tortilla and some turkey pepperoni. Either toast in the oven or wrap it up and heat in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Mini pizza on the go.

Be creative when coming up with your healthy snacks to lose weight. You will be surprised at what you come up with. Share your ideas below!


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