Monthly Archives: July 2011

Congratulations to Japan who won against the US with penalty kicks in the Women’s World Cup final. After scoring early, the US was caught with a goal from Japan. After staying tied the remainder of the match, the US scored first in extra time. Then Japan came back one more time to tie it up. Once penalty kicks started, everything sort of fell apart for the US team. They missed their first two shots and Japan got a couple in on the US team. When everything was counted up, the nation of Japan was elated to have a victorious team.

Notable mentions on the US team were Alex Morgan who had an amazing goal. The youngest and fastest on the team, she will be around for many more years. Then there is Wabbach…with her amazing head. The second US goal was a kick from Morgan to Wabbach who headed it in perfectly.

No matter who you routed for, both teams played with a tremendous amount of heart. Thanks for putting on a great match! Japan wins over USA and the country who has been in such pain for the last year can finally enjoy some celebration.