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Here is the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Salmon Burger recipe from Episode 2 featuring Alex. It is part of the California Institute for Health and Longevity’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss recipe series. So tasty AND healthy!


1 lb of salmon filet, cut into 4-inch pieces
1 tablespoon cilantro leaves (fresh)
1 tablespoon hoisin sauce
1/2 teasp. garlic paste
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If you are wondering What time does Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition come on tonight, I have your answer. Tonight, June 6 at 10 Eastern/9:00 Central on ABC, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss will feature the story of Alex who is 260 pounds overweight at 23 years old. Alex is going to try to lose weight to fulfill his mother’s last wish for him to get healthy. His mother died of cancer when he was in high school.

Chris Powell, personal trainer and transformation guru for the morbidly obese, will be facilitating Alex’s weight loss. Chris has a very interesting plan when he gets Alex to join the Army! Well, that is one way to drop weight!

Tune in tonight for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition and then come back to for the recap and follow up. We will have the recipes and resources they mention posted!

UPDATE: Salmon Burgers with Ginger Mayo Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Recipe…Click HERE

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The Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition ABC Episode 1 proved to be as motivational as all of the previews suggested! Here is a recap so you can get up to speed for the season.

The premise of the show is based on Chris Powell (cutey!), a personal trainer and motivator who helps individuals to lose weight over one year. He basically brings people to LA for the first month for what he calls his “Boot Camp” and then monitors them for one year. He sets goals for every 90 days and if the contestants reach their goals, he offers prizes or something to motivate them for the next 90 days. Chris Powell has specialized in helping the morbidly obese and says that thousands have asked for his help.

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Leann Rimes’ Weight Loss does have some people worried that she is taking it too far. Fitness has a unique way of changing people’s lives, whether it makes them feel reassured about themselves, or just gives them that ‘I feel good’ feeling. Leann Rimes is an example of a celebrity who felt ‘not-so-celebrity’ about herself because of how fat she thought she was, and ultimately because of how conscious she felt because of that. Although she never let critics get to her, she did realize that she had to change her health lifestyle and lose some weight. Working with a partner (her husband), she came to change her physique and lose a ton of fat, making a great transformation that most people are too lazy to endure.

Her diet consists of a vital tool that most people forget in theirs: not eating crap! It’s often the most overlooked part of a diet, but most people either forgo or forget it, continuing to eat junk food and drink high sugar juices with high caloric intake that provide very little nutritious value (instead try Mango). It may seem obvious, but this is very counter-productive and should be avoided at all costs. For some celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, they opted for cleansing which cut out anything bad for them.


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Of every diet you’ve heard of, The Lemonade Diet is one you probably know very little about. It is a short period, cleansing diet that takes the course of several days (approx.. a month). The purpose of the diet is to detoxify the body of its various impurities that carry a large cause in the contraction of some sicknesses/diseases (e.g. skin irritation, oily foreheads, physical emaciation, etc.) And while on this lemonade diet, your body relies solely on the energy of lemonade, with the nutritious juice it offers, so as to alleviate these contaminants in your body; losing weight is a byproduct of that.

What Are The Lemonade Diet Ingredients?

The diet’s key ingredients are cayenne pepper, lemon juice extracts (of course), and syrup (maple). There are virtually no carbohydrates involved during the period of the lemonade diet, so you’ll be looking at a mixture of these three ingredients for about 30 days.

In addition to this part of the diet, you’ll ascribe to salt water everyday, as well as laxative tea; all to ensure that there is proper cleansing of the body (as mentioned above).

The essence of this diet relies upon the cleansing of bodily toxins to allow the digestive tract to rest (so it won’t work as hard). This leads to the expenditure or “burning” of stored fatty acids, without decreasing any somatic or central insulin levels (in non-medical terms, you’re perfectly safe losing weight under this diet). Speaking of insulin, this diet is not recommended for those who are diabetics, as lemon juice extracts may lead to high level acidosis/ketosis and cause other health problems.

There is also the lemonade diet in pill form which makes the whole process much easier to do than the lemonade cleanse Beyonce or Ashton Kutcher did.