I didn’t even know she was a celebrity dieting but I just learned Mandisa from American Idol lost 100 Pounds for her new album.  I learned about it on her YouTube channel where she has some great videos tracking her journey.

Mandisa joins Jennifer Hudson as being a big loser from American Idol recently. Jennifer lost her weight with Weight Watchers while Mandisa says a personal trainer and healthy eating helped her make her transition. She also likes going to Zumba!

Other factors of Mandisa’s diet include scripture (she lists these on her blog), healthy eating (whole grain, fruits and vegetables), exercise, and prayer.

Many celebrity diets rely on expensive personal trainers and chefs but even us regular folks can mimic these great results without that expense. Just use what you have. Friends, family, free community services. You might be surprised to see what you find out there.

Hopefully you can find some inspiration in Mandisa and her 100 pound celebrity weight loss!

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