It’s official, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson (Yes, Kym Johnson with a Y, not Kim Johnson) will be paired on Dancing With the Stars this season. Hopefully, they will have a better showing than Kym’s last season first round cut with David Hasselhoff. I think Hines will be more of a fan favorite and hopefully his athleticism will shine through!

Kym has been in the spotlight on DWTS when she won with Donny Osmond in Season 9. She also won the Australian version of the show before coming to the American version. She was a fan favorite with Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone, and has been runner up several seasons as well. Let’s hope last season, she got to rest and now she is ready to get her groove on again. One thing for sure, she still looks great! Kym Johnson uses the Lemonade Diet Cleanse to keep her dancer’s figure and it is definitely working for her. It is different from the Beyonce lemonade master cleanse in that it is a lemonade pill you take so you don’t have to drink all of those glasses of lemonade.

Hines Ward, the Super Bowl MVP, should definitely be one to watch on the show. We’ll see if his footwork off the field comes close to his footwork on the field.

Here’s to wishing Hines Ward and Kym Johnson the best of luck on Dancing With the Stars!

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