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Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

If you have been wondering how those that are not the Biggest Loser Winners go home and keep losing all that weight, we now know the answer is the Biggest Loser Meal Plan. The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is now being offered through eDiets, the leader in fresh prepared meal delivery.



Biggest Loser Diet Success Stories

I always wondered what contestants were doing at home to keep dropping those big numbers! Adam lost 102 pounds at home and says “I saw a huge change in my weight loss. I have been replicating some of the numbers I had on the ranch. I saw the direct correlation immediately. It’s literally been the backbone to my success!” The shocking thing with the plan is that Adam did this in 19 weeks.

Another Biggest Loser Winner, Patrick, lost 60 pounds with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan after he went home. “I don’t have to stare at my cabinets trying to figure out what to eat. I don’t have to weigh food or measure. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s awesome and I know exactly the nutrition that I’m putting into my body.”Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

With the Biggest Loser diet, you can choose the 5 or 7 day plan and you get to choose the meals you prefer either online or over the phone. You also get access to:

  • Unlimited support from registered dietitians via phone, email or online chat
  • Easy-to-use online nutrition tracker
  • Tools to help you track your weight-loss progress and live a healthy lifestyle

Right now you can start the Biggest Loser Meal plan and get a week free using this link :

Join The Biggest Loser® Meal Plan and Get a Week Free

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery

It’s official, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson (Yes, Kym Johnson with a Y, not Kim Johnson) will be paired on Dancing With the Stars this season. Hopefully, they will have a better showing than Kym’s last season first round cut with David Hasselhoff. I think Hines will be more of a fan favorite and hopefully his athleticism will shine through!

Kym has been in the spotlight on DWTS when she won with Donny Osmond in Season 9. She also won the Australian version of the show before coming to the American version. She was a fan favorite with Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone, and has been runner up several seasons as well. Let’s hope last season, she got to rest and now she is ready to get her groove on again. One thing for sure, she still looks great! Kym Johnson uses the Lemonade Diet Cleanse to keep her dancer’s figure and it is definitely working for her. It is different from the Beyonce lemonade master cleanse in that it is a lemonade pill you take so you don’t have to drink all of those glasses of lemonade.

Hines Ward, the Super Bowl MVP, should definitely be one to watch on the show. We’ll see if his footwork off the field comes close to his footwork on the field.

Here’s to wishing Hines Ward and Kym Johnson the best of luck on Dancing With the Stars!

I have lost 40 pounds in 50 days using Diet Direct Wonderslim protein shakes so I think that makes me qualified to do a Diet Direct Shake Review. I decided that I needed to lose weight and started looking around on the Internet for something affordable, quick, and healthy. After checking out Medifast, New Lifestyle Diet, and Slim Fast, I finally decided on Diet Direct Wonderslim Protein Shakes. Primarily it was the cost for what I received that convinced me to give them a try. It was literally half of what I was spending on groceries, eating out, etc while some of the other plans involved more of an investment. So, money wins in this case.

After completing a short two day cleanse to jump start my weight loss efforts and start fresh, I began using the Diet Direct shakes. I had two-three shakes each day, usually breakfast and lunch, but sometimes breakfast and dinner, depending on my schedule for that day. I have tried other shakes previously and I have to say that these were BY FAR, the best tasting shakes I have ever had. I didn’t use a blender or have to add anything to them (like ice) to make them halfway enjoyable. The weight loss kit came with a shaker blender and it worked great getting the shake nice and thick and frothy. I like the chocolate the best, but I also love the berry yogurt and the chocomint which I admit I do like to freeze up a bit because it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The whey protein kept me feeling full and satisfied so doing the two-three shakes per day was easy. I did have one lean and green meal each day which usually consisted of chicken and broccoli or spinach or a giant salad.

The best thing about Diet Direct is that when you place an order, they send you free samples to try other products! I love this! A packet of this, a bar of that, and you have found a new treat!

This led to me ordering the Wonderslim protein bars for whenever I needed something more (a snacky poo!) and here is my warning…these are TOO good. The peanut butter bar is the BEST though my boyfriend likes the brownie bar and Rocky Road. You have to be careful with these because you should just have ONE and it might be hard for some people to stop at one. But they do fill me up when I am on the go and maybe don’t have time to make the shake. They definitely don’t taste like diet bars at all!

So for our Diet Direct Shake Review,  BurnFatClub highly recommends them as they are delicious, the most affordable we have seen online and easy! Use the this link to Save 50% On Weight Loss Starter Kits –