Monthly Archives: October 2010

Everyone knows about Acai berry and the craze that started when Dr. Oz mentioned it on his show, but have you heard of the Maqui berry (spelled MAQUI, not MUQAI or MACAI which I have already seen) yet? Apparently, the Chilean Maqui berry (scientific name Aristotelia chilensis) is the new antioxidant-rich superfood being endorsed by nutraceutical companies. But is there anything to it?

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Can you sleep to lose weight? Can you lose more weight by sleeping longer? According to a new study from the University of Chicago and shared in the NY Times, you can do better on your diet the more hours you sleep. The study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine looked at two groups. One group slept 5.5 hours per night and the other group was 8.5 hours. Here’s the kicker…they both lost the same amount of weight, but the group that slept longer lost more FAT!

The group with less sleep had higher levels of ghrelin which a hormone that makes you hungry, but both groups’ diet, exercise and sleep was monitired in a clinical setting.

So, go ahead, hit the snooze button one more time and lose weight, lose fat, sleeping. How do you feel aboutmore  sleep to lose weight?

Yes, GSP dancing is definitely something we all want to see, right? Well recently, GSP (Georges St. Pierre) appeared on “Showtime” a hit show in the Philippines where he showed us some of his moves. The show seems kind of crazy and apparently everyone who comes on has to sing and dance. Georges played along (such a good sport in and out of the ring) and while he seemed a bit embarrassed, he did his little thing.

Check out the GSP Dancing video and then get some new Affliction thermal wear to show your support of GSP and MMA!

Be still my beating heart, two of the hottest and two of my favorite people Jillian Michaels and GSP (Georges St. Pierre) are working on a project together. Jillian tweeted about it and also posted pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, she feels the same way I do and tweeted that she didn’t know if she wanted to spar with him or kiss him. She is a total bad ass goddess and he is just the epitome of doing what it takes to be the best.

Looks like some sort of P90X type thing they will be promoting or maybe a photo shoot for that product hanging from the door. Can you imagine? Jillian AND GSP working you out??? If that doesn’t motivate your ass than I don’t know what would. Get started now by signing up for Jillian’s plan so you can be up to date on what is coming. Jillian Michaels and GSP, we anxiously await whatever you have for us.