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The  Brita Water Pitcher on Biggest Loser is what I personally use for all my water throughout the day. I have a pitcher that I use to fill all of my BPA Free Water bottles which is also super important that they be BPA free. This way I am staying hydrated, not ruining the environment, and not facing potential illness from bad plastics. I also never have to use the water fountain. I know the chances of getting sick from one are not that high but how many people touch that button every day?

So Bob’s ad for Brita was pretty good. Product placement has become a big part of Biggest Loser and we are here to tell you the good and the not so good. The Brita filters are very effective and not too expensive. I don’t have the tap system but my friend does and she loves it. For just me and my boyfriend, the pitcher works great and we think it’s the best water filter, though I have my eye on the Brita 35530 Ultramax Dispenser. This would just be less time filling up the pitcher I have over and over. So far, it’s not too much of a hassle but the larger Brita dispenser would be great for families. The Brita Water pitcher on Biggest Loser will definitely help you in your quest to lose weight.

This week, the Biggest Loser season 10 episode 2 weigh-in will be during the first hour of the show, so be sure not to miss it. With the line up of contestants from the new format last week, it should be very interesting to see which sob stories get to stay on the ranch. I swear, everyone I know was crying their eyes out over the season premiere! Of course Biggest Loser Jillian and Bob are back with a bang, ready to rough up some folks.

The best part about Biggest Loser is seeing the quick results which can be very motivating. But remember what these people are doing. They are not living in a real world and getting these results. However, for the average person, it is good to identify with one of the contestants and see their end result. Knowing you can get there too, even if it takes a little longer (and probably healthier that it does), can keep you going.

I like using Jillian Michael's website. It gives me a personalized plan I can use to get the effects I see on the show.

If you missed it, you can watch the full first episode here. I just got done playing the new games on the Biggest Loser website, and my advice is don't waste your time. They are from a third party, very boring and not informative. But I did like the guess the calories game. Those are always fun and can be pretty eye-opening as to how much you are actually taking in. 

Ok so back to the show. This week, tune in Tuesday night at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. Who will stay, who will go, who will Jillian make cry? Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 2, and come back to for the full recap after the show!

There are several aspects to behavior change that you have to understand before you can learn How to Change Diet needs. When someone is considering making a behavior change, they go through the Transtheoretical model of change to do so.

First, you are in the Pre-contemplation stage. At this phase, you would not even be considering making a change. You think it's just great to be eating fast food and don't worry whatsoever about gaining weight, how you look, or what might happen to you down the road. At this point, you have no perception of the susceptibility you have to get diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer due to being overweight.

Next, you enter the contemplation stage. During this stage, you begin to think about the possibility of changing your eating habits to lose weight. You may have learned about the severity of the diseases you can get, and perhaps this has encouraged you to lose weight. Or maybe you are starting to think and believe you actually can lose weight. In this case, your perceived barrier to success might be coming down. Do you know someone else who has lost weight so you think you can too? This is an important portion of behavior change and how to change diet that could help you. Find someone who is like you who has been successful in what you want to do.

Third, you are in the preparation stage. Here is where you do all of your research and create a plan of action. You have an idea of things that might be roadblocks for you as you walk your path to health, so you plan for those roadblocks. Upcoming holidays? How are you going to tackle the parties and not overdo it? The other thing you plan for is rewards for your success. Plan for rewards for small steps as well as larger milestones and make sure the rewards are tangible and something that will truly bring a smile to your face.

Finally, it's time for action. Set the plan into motion with an unwavering attitude that you will be successful. Prepare for your "roadblocks," especially things like plateaus, but know that in the end you will be victorious. This is the most important step because all the planning in the world will do nothing if you don't START. Do a little more research on the Transtheoretical Model of Change and see where you are on the path to How to Change Diet.

David Hasselhoff, “The Hoff” and Kym Johnson who has partnered with Donny Osmond, Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone will pair off on this season’s Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).

Update: See Kim Johnson with Hines Ward!

Have you seen the Kym Johnson diet plan?




The Hoff has seen a rise in popularity since appearing on America’s Got Talent and has a kitschy following from his days as the Knight Rider. The beautiful Kim Johnson and the very tall Hasselhoff should make a great pair. She always looks extra lean and tall when paired with a taller guy like in the pic.

Other “celebs” to appear  DWTS this season are Kurt Warner, “The Situation” from Jersey Shore, Rick Fox, Bristol Palin, Florence Henderson, Margaret Cho, Jennifer Gray from Dirty Dancing and Michael Bolton.

Looking forward to seeing Kym Johnson and David Hasselhoff strut their stuff though. As last season’s winner, Kym has a reputation to keep. Did you know she uses the lemonade diet pill to stay trim and healthy? Check it out here.