jillian michaels before and after pics

Most of us know did not know Jillian Michaels before she was the hard-nosed, physically fit, trainer from the Biggest Loser but that has obviously changed.

Jillian is a great example that anyone can make a drastic change in their life and personal appearance once they are dedicated to do so. It’s not always easy but she is proof that it can be done.

jillian michaels before after

I knew Jillian was overweight as a teen but for some reason I never came across Jillian Michaels Before and After photo…until now. I guess this was in a magazine recently and I think it’s the one she showed on The Doctors show.

Either way, it just shows you how much she had to go through to get to where she is today. I’ve been a true fan of hers after I learned about her “softer side” in the Ladie’s Home Journal piece they ran on her. I didn’t know everything about her background in karate and how it helped her deal with a difficult family situation.

No matter what you think of Jillian’s weight loss plan, Jillian Michaels Fat Burner or her methods, anyone can admit that she sure is a force to be reckoned with. Seeing Jillian Michaels Before and After Photo reminds us that she has come a long way.

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jillian michaels after pic

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