There are a variety of crazy weight loss tricks out there, from taking water pills to faking ADHD to get Adderall to ingesting a tapeworm. Do they work? No, and for those that do make you lose some weight, you have done far more harm to your body and your ability to keep the weight off.

But what about some “crazy weight loss tricks” that are a bit healthier and make more sense? Sometimes you do need to drop weight fast for a wedding or a reunion. How can you do it safely?

The answer is very simple and it has been proven on the show “The Biggest Loser” and the beaches of California time and time again. Get ready to spend some time in the gym or hitting the pavement because exercise can help you lose weight very fast. On one episode, Koli consumed about 4.800 calories during a temptation challenge. In order to not be kicked off the ranch, he had to burn those calories and then some. So he hit the gym with his bro, Sam, and he kicked butt. Boxing, the dreaded ladder, treadmill time, pulling ropes, pushing weights…everything he could do to burn those calories, and he did it!

So, you can too. Think of it this way. Suppose your wedding or reunion is a month away. How much can you work out each day between now and then? Where else can you work out that you don’t normally? In your car (butt squeeeeezes), in your office (have dumbbells, will travel), waiting in line (calf lifts)….be creative and think of how you can add more movement to your day.

Now, of course, you cannot be hitting the McD’s drive-thru every day either. Healthy fuel is required in the form of mainly vegetables, fruits and beans. Salad should be your best friend!

To lose a pound, you need to burn 3,500 calories. You can do this by either reducing your daily caloric intake or by burning them off through exercise. I would recommend slightly reducing your daily intake by 500 calories and then upping the exercise, especially cardio. Think about boot camp in the military. I know people who have dropped 60 pounds in 10 weeks.

So, there you have it. Keep your eye on the prize and you can do whatever it takes to get there. No need for crazy weight loss tricks, try something healthy instead.

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